TechComm Announces: Moving Map Module for Radio Direction Finder (RDF)

Sunrise, FL - TechComm introduces a Moving Map Module which runs on a PC PLATFORM and allows for display of DF LINE OF BEARING (LOB) on a map. Your position on the map is continously updated. Module includes GPS and Magnetic Compass. The MOVING MAP MODULE can be used with any of the TechComm family of DF processors.

Tech Comm, Inc. of Sunrise, Florida, designs and manufactures airborne, seaborne and ground-based radio direction finder (DF) equipment. The radio direction finding equipment is used by military and intelligence agencies, both U.S. and foreign, for reconnaissance, surveillance, interception and targeting.

We also design and manufacture the highly specialized, environmentally hardened radio direction finding antennas for use with radio direction finding processors.

Gerald S. O'Hearn | President
TechComm | 5010 North Hiatus Road | Sunrise, FL 33351
tel: 954.749.1776 | fax: 954.749.1726 |


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