TEAC America Announces Availability of CDR Media Kits for TEAC P55 Thermal Printer

Manufacturer Adds CDR Media Kits to Its Disc Publishing Product Line

MONTEBELLO, Calif., June 19 - TEAC America, Inc. announces the availability of CDR Media Kits for its P55 Thermal Dye Sublimation Printer.

The media kits are currently available in two versions. The Photo Ribbon Media Kit includes 500 CDR media with a TEAC photo ribbon. The Color Ribbon Media Kit includes 500 CDR media with a TEAC color ribbon for the P55 Dye-Sublimation thermal printer.

"The media included in our media kits is TEAC certified media to obtain the best results with the TEAC P55 thermal printer. Since each ribbon is used for 500 prints, we have included 500 pieces of media paired with a photo or a color ribbon," says Les Luzar, Director, Sales and Marketing, TEAC America, Inc. "Our customers have been asking for this solution and we are happy to announce that they are available now."

TEAC's P55 Thermal / Dye-Sublimation Photo-Quality Disc Printer produces the industries' sharpest quality thermal images on a disk. TEAC has redefined the industry standard with the P55 Printer. TEAC's P55 Thermal Printing Technology ushers in a new era of affordable, high-quality CD/DVD media printing, producing photo realistic labels that are truly unmatched. TEAC's P55 Printer takes the traditional screen printing to the next level and replaces it with unsurpassed quality never before seen on a thermal printer.

The P55 printer has been optimized to produce vibrant colors with increased clarity and sharpness of each image produced," says Les Luzar, Division Manager, TEAC America, Inc. "The 400 dpi resolution is the highest in the industry today unmatched by any other company. TEAC is committed to finding new innovative ways to enhance efficiency through continuous innovation and the P55 is the result of such innovation. With the media kits now available for the TEAC P55 printer, our customers could be certain of obtaining the best results."

TEAC's P55 printer (P-55-111) and Media Kits, Photo Media Kit (P55/CD-R/500/MK/P) and Color Media Kit (P55/CD-R/500/MK/C) are available through TEAC's Distribution Partners.


The largest subsidiary of TEAC Corporation, TEAC's Data Storage Products Division is a pioneer in the development and manufacturing of optical and magnetic recording technologies. TEAC's data storage products are sold throughout the world and are found in more personal computers than any other brand. TEAC is a premier manufacturer of DVD-Recorders, CD-RW, CD-RW/DVD-ROM Combo Drives, DVD-ROM, CD-ROM, Internal and USB Floppy Drives, External Hard Drives, USB Flash Drives and Disc Publishing Products.

TEAC America, Inc. is active in the development, sales and marketing of removable storage products throughout the United States, Canada and Latin America. Based in Tokyo, Japan, TEAC Corporation is an innovator and worldwide leader in the development and manufacturing of audio, video and data recording technologies since 1953.

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Source: TEAC America, Inc.

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