TE Connectivity Introduces 0.3mm Front Flip Lock FPC Connectors

HARRISBURG, Pa. - To optimize connectivity in miniaturizing electronic products, TE Connectivity (TE) today announced the release of 0.3mm front flip lock, Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC) connectors. This new low-halogen product offering includes connectors up to 71 positions. "With this extended position size range and the availability of a front flip lock actuator, TE offers more flexibility to product designers, who can now break through traditional technological restrictions," said Tyler Madden, product specialist, TE. "As we continue to expand our presence in the FPC connector market, we are excited to announce the introduction of this expanded offering to serve customers with applications requiring connectors outside of standard range of 10 to 50 positions." By extending its FPC product line, TE now offers connectors with front flip lock or back flip lock actuators - providing users with the option to choose the connector that suits their design specifications for consumer electronics, set top boxes, mobile devices and more. The front flip lock FPC connector offering is low-halogen, making it environmentally friendly to meet the current requirements of many consumer products. For more information on TE's new 0.3mm front flip lock FPC connector, please visit www.te.com/catalog/minf/en/311?s_cid=cons_cons_te_var_oth_FY12CD03FPCPR_PressRelease. About TE Connectivity TE Connectivity is a global, $14 billion company that designs and manufactures approximately 500,000 products that connect and protect the flow of power and data inside the products that touch every aspect of our lives. Our nearly 100,000 employees partner with customers in virtually every industry-from consumer electronics, energy and healthcare, to automotive, aerospace and communication networks-enabling smarter, faster, better technologies to connect products to possibilities. More information on TE Connectivity can be found at http://www.te.com.

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