TCP/IP-I2C Module Internet-enables microprocessor systems.

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Pb-free, hardwired drop-in network module, NM7010A-LF, adds Ethernet capabilities to microprocessor systems. It combines W3100A (TCP/IP hardwired chip), Ethernet PHY (RTL8201), MAG-JACK (RJ45 with transformer), and other glue logic. Up to 4 independent connections can be supported simultaneously, with dynamic buffer allocation for each channel, which enables sustained loop-back performance of 8 Mbps. Complete Ethernet-I2C interface comes with 16 KB data buffer embedded.

Original Press Release:

Hardwired TCP/IP-I2C Module - Offloads Stack for Hi-speed Internet Capability, Lower Costs

Pittsford, NY: NM7010A-LF is a new, Pb-free network module that includes W3100A (TCP/IP hardwired chip), Ethernet PHY (RTL8201), MAG-JACK (RJ45 with transformer) with other glue logic, creating a component for quickly Internet-enabling microprocessor systems. NM7010A-LF is a drop-in network module based on W3100A hardwired TCP/IP stack chip from WIZnet, instantly adding Ethernet capabilities to simple microprocessor designs. This avoids the possible unreliable burden of running a TCP/IP software stack. Up to four independent connections can be supported simultaneously with dynamic buffer allocation for each channel, which enables a sustained loop-back performance of 8Mbps. Notably, NM7010A-LF offers the most economical, complete Ethernet-I2C interface available, and can be used as a finished, drop-in component, ideal for rapidly developing Internet-enabled systems. Auto-detecting 10/100 Base-T Ethernet with half/full duplex operation, NM7010A-LF interfaces with standard 0.1"-spaced sockets. NM7010A-LF instantly supports UDP, IP, ARP, ICMP, DCHP, ARP, DLC and Ethernet MAC with high throughput. NM7010A-LF supports 4 independent Sockets simultaneously (dynamic buffer allocation for each channel). With 16Kbytes data buffer embedded, NM7010A-LF offers a simple socket API interface for easy application programming and offers network status indicator support too. NM7010A-LF is optionally available without the RJ-45 socket, allowing it to be conveniently located on a back panel, for instance. The 1" x 2" NM7010A-LF requires 3.3Volts, but I/Os are 5V-tolerant, allowing use in most designs. Applications include remote access to equipment via the Internet or LANs in industrial automation, data gathering, instrumentation, medical devices, metering and card readers. Offloading TCP tasks can reduce CPU burden and improve overall system performance, or reduce product cost, power and size while maintaining robustness. Applications such as high-definition digital signal streaming (HDTV, IP-STB for instance) are not a problem in fast, large-memory environments. But embedded systems often have limited resources and competing restrictions such as cost, power consumption, board area, etc. If you try to set up TCP/IP through WLAN with high BER (Bit Error Rate) in mobile device, much more power consumption is required than standard Ethernet communications. Using a TCP/IP software stack in a general purpose processor results in increased power consumption and processing and interrupt delay problems. For these reasons, WIZnet's TOP (TCP Offload Platform) has been already designed into in various applications, such as standalone DVR, access controller, remote-controller, Serial-to-Ethernet gateway, network camera, etc. Designed in Korea by the world leader in hardwired TCP/IP technology, WIZnet Inc., NM7010A-LF (<$20 in qty) and the IC W3100A (<$5 in qty) are both available now from WIZnet's USA distributor Saelig Co. Inc. from stock 1-888-7SAELIG. W3100A is also available for IP core licensing. Contact Name: Sales E-mail:

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