TCI's New MA Frame Reactors Increase Process Efficiency for Building Small Reactors

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TCI’s New MA Frame Reactor is designed for protecting small variable frequency drives and motors ranging from 1/4 HP to 3 HP. Unit in the input side reduces harmonic distortion and total RMS current and meets UL 690V maximum voltage rating and class N 200°C insulation rating.

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TCI, LLC Offers Smaller Line Reactor with UL 690V Maximum Voltage Rating

GERMANTOWN, WISCONSIN-APRIL 2, 2018- TCI, LLC launches new reactor to protect smaller variable frequency drives and motor. The newest addition to the KDR family-the MA frame reactor, is the only UL Listed reactor in the market with a 690V maximum voltage rating and a class N 200°C insulation rating.

The addition of a KDR Line Reactor on the input will reduces harmonic distortion and the total RMS current, thereby improving the total power factor. With its smaller footprint, the new MA frame reactor is ideally suited for drives and motors sized between ¼ HP-3 HP. The MA frame reactor extends the proven KDR reactor benefits to smaller motors and variable frequency drives

“Within the last few years, we have seen an increase in demand for improving power quality and reducing harmonics. Utility companies are becoming more aware of the impact that harmonics have on the overall grid and in some states have imposed fines on those companies that have high harmonics. In order to avoid penalties from the utility companies, more contractors and consultants are recommending reactors. Recently there has been a rapid increase in the deployment of small micro-drives that enable extensive plant and process automation. Until now, we have not had a small reactor that can accommodate motors down to ¼ HP and the MA frame is the perfect solution.” says Steve Bright, VP of Sales and Marketing.

In designing the new reactors, TCI has also improved their process and efficiency for building small reactors. “We took a good look at the process of building reactors and researched ways to improve that process. By adding an automated wire winding machine to the production line, we can produce more reactors in a shorter amount of time without sacrificing quality,” states Paul Martens, Director of Operations.


TCI manufactures active (electronic) and passive (magnetic) products to resolve power quality and harmonic issues associated with industrial power conversion. Visit for more information.

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