TCI® Custom Torque Converter & Transmission Building

Transmission technology leader offers custom built torque converters & transmissions at no additional cost and with quick turnaround While off-the-shelf transmissions and torque converters are fine for many people, demanding racers and street performance enthusiasts require a more precise fit. Custom built and tuned TCI® transmissions and torque converters provide the most accurate match possible for the specific needs of your high performance application. TCI® technicians can help tune a custom built unit for your specific application with no added cost to you. This means a more ideal stall range that is perfectly fit to your needs for better reaction times and ETs.

Customized torque converters and transmissions maximize performance and can also help lower rpm at cruising speed for better street drivability and increased transmission life. TCI® implements strict quality control "triple check" procedures that are performed on every transmission and torque converter that ships from its facility, including custom built units. Transmissions undergo valve body and internal hydraulic testing, as well as Axiline dyno testing that runs each unit through automatic gear selection and testing for proper shifting sequences and features.

Torque converters also undergo rigorous triple testing of their own, including run-out and leak testing, as well as computer balancing. Each transmission and converter is then shipped with an assessment document so the customer will know exactly how it operates. One final feature included in all TCI® transmissions and torque converters is the proprietary HDT (Heat Dissipating Technology(TM)) Coating(TM). HDT Coating(TM) is a metallic gray coating that enables converters and transmissions to operate at lower temperatures and cool down faster to provide greater efficiency and longevity. There is no additional fee for a custom built and tuned TCI® transmission or torque converter. However, installing certain customized or upgraded parts into the converter or transmission, in order to attain even higher performance, will add additional cost.

For more information about the TCI® Custom Transmission and Torque Converter Build Program or any other TCI® product, call us at 1-888-776-9824, or visit us online at

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