Taylor Devices Announces Major Hospital Seismic Upgrade Contract

NORTH TONAWANDA, N.Y., Dec. 6, 2017 - Taylor Devices, Inc. (NASDAQ SmallCap: "TAYD") today announced receipt of a $3.2 million contract for the firm's seismic dampers being used in a seismic protection upgrade at the St. Bernardine Medical Center, San Bernardino, CA. A total of 108 large dampers, each rated at up to ¾ million pounds output, will be used to absorb earthquake energy in the hospital building, originally constructed in 1972. The dampers will be used to absorb the earthquake shaking energy, before it can damage the original structure, greatly reducing potential risk to the building, occupants, and equipment.

"The dampers will be installed in an external steel 'exoskeleton' constructed around the outside of the building," stated Douglas P. Taylor, President. He continued, "This allows the seismic upgrade to take place with no reduction of interior space and minimal interruption to hospital operations. This method of retrofit has proven popular on critical public buildings such as hospitals, schools, and stadiums."

He continued, "Taylor Devices' seismic dampers act like giant shock absorbers, using technology originally developed for NASA's Space Shuttle Program which was commercialized by the Company in the early 1990's." He concluded, "The energy absorbed by each damper varies with the magnitude of shaking during the earthquake, thus minimizing loads transmitted to the building frame at all times."

To date, more than 700 buildings and bridges worldwide are using Taylor Devices' products for seismic protection.

Taylor Devices, Inc. is a 62 year old company engaged in the design, development, manufacture & marketing of shock absorption, rate control and energy storage devices for use in various types of vehicles, machinery, equipment & structures. The company continues to achieve growth in the developing seismic protection field and in the isolation of wind-induced vibrations.

Taylor's website can be visited at: www.taylordevices.com; with company newsletters at www.taylordevices.com/press-releases.html. Additional information can also be found at www.seismicdamper.com.

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