Tate Andale Continues To Grow In Order To Better Meet Our Customers' Needs

We're now installing a new Doosan DBC 110S boring mill. This impressive machine is anchored into a four-foot thick foundation of reinforced concrete while the table and the spindle run on heavy duty box-ways.

The new Doosan mill will allow Tate Andale to better serve you in two ways: the mill will double our work-piece weight capacity, giving us the flexibility to bid and work on larger projects. Additionally, the new equipment will take on the load of our most heavy duty jobs with ease, helping to reduce lead times on many projects. We look forward to getting up and running!

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When you choose Tate Andale products, you're choosing a third-generation, family-owned industry mainstay and a legacy of manufacturing expertise that spans more than a century.

Founded in 1958 as Tate Temco, Tate Andale has grown to be an industry leader by relentless attention to detail, and by incorporating legendary names into its product family: names like Andale, Temco, Elliott and Zurn.  Each acquisition considerably expanded Tate's leadership status in various industries including marine vessels, power and utility plants, chemical plants and oil refineries.

Tate Andale continues to provide parts and service for Andale, Temco and Elliott products, many of which are still in service after 50 to 60 years.  The most important thing to know about today's Tate Andale is that we combine 21st-century technology with yesterday's craftsmanship to manufacture strainers and related products that carry those same expectations of long-lasting quality and a trouble-free lifespan.

At Tate Andale, we can say with confidence: "Bring on the next 100 years."

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