Tapered Clip eliminates abrupt edges on pipes and joints.

Press Release Summary:

Model J-170 transforms edge or lip at junction of pipes and joints to gradual surface transition. Sized to fit on structures using 28 mm diameter pipe, it can be added to existing units by snapping over pipe and sliding up to joint/pipe interface. Clip is 15 mm wide, with 28 mm ID that tapers to 33 mm OD, and suits plastic or metal joint assemblies. It provides snug fit with pipe diameter and may be permanently secured using plastic joint adhesive.

Original Press Release:

The Tapered Look Joins Creform® System

The Creform® System consists of plastic coated pipes, joints, and a broad range of hardware accessories that can be assembled into virtually limitless material handling structures. Now, Creform Corp. has added a new component, a tapered clip that transforms the edge or lip at the junction of pipes and joints to a gradual surface transition. The J-170 Tapered Clip is sized to fit on structures using 028mm pipe and can be added to existing units by snapping over the pipe and sliding up to the joint/pipe interface-there's no need to disassemble structures. The clip color is black and is suitable for use with either plastic or metal joint assemblies. It is ideal for quickly creating simple pipe side guides such as for tote or box feeds or returns on assembly flow racks. The tapered J- 170 clip eliminates the abrupt edge that might otherwise impede or deflect movement of items.

The J- 170 Tapered Clip is 15mm wide, with a 28mm inside diameter that tapers to a 33mm outside diameter. For installation, the clip provides a snug fit with the pipe diameter or may be permanently secured to the pipe surface using Creform plastic joint adhesive.

Using the wide array of Creform components available, custom designed and built material handling structures may include push and trailerable carts; single and multiple lane flow racks, roller conveyors, hinged shelf carts, tilting racks and tables and height adjustable work tables and workstations. Drive units and simple-to-install guidance systems provide versatile and economical Automated Guided Cart operations.

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