Tape Cutter helps eliminate damage to inventory.

Press Release Summary:

Featuring blunt tip to safely open boxes, use of T1 Tape Splitter eliminates razor blades from workplace, minimizes accidents, avoids injury to workers, and prevents damage to merchandise. Ergonomic handle maintains neutral wrist position for worker comfort.

Original Press Release:

Let's Be Blunt!

Damage to expensive inventory is a serious concern to retailers. The new T1 Tape Splitter from Pacific Handy Cutter, Inc. with its blunt tip safely opens boxes with NO RISK. Using the T1 Tape Splitter eliminates razor blades from the workplace, while greatly reducing accidents, injury to workers and damage to merchandise. Its durable ergonomic handle is designed for comfort, maintaining a neutral wrist position. Efficient, long lasting, economical, and easy to use....cutting packaging tape has never been safer. Try the T1 Tape Splitter today.

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