Tank Truck Hose handles variety of bio-fuels.

Press Release Summary:

VAPOR-LOC(TM) Tank Truck Hose is multilayered barrier that traps and prevents hydrocarbon fuel vapors from permeating through hose material, preventing degradation of hose reinforcement/cover materials. Offering full working pressures of 150-200 psi, it works in temperatures from -30 to +200°F. Full vacuum-rated hose is available in 1-4 in. ID and with smooth or corrugated cover. It is suited for use with trucks and in-plant operations to bulk transfer various caustic liquids.

Original Press Release:

Bio-Diesel/Bio-Fuels Are No Problem with Thermoid Vapor-Loc Tank Truck Hose

May 5, 2008...Officials at HBD/Thermoid, Inc. (Bellefontaine, OH) announced today the company's new VAPOR-LOC(TM) Tank Truck Hose can easily handle and stand up to tough, caustic bio-diesel and other bio-fuels now in use across the US. This product is the
first bulk fuel transfer hose to use Vapor-Loc ...an exclusive fuel vapor barrier technology.

"VAPOR-LOC Tank Truck Hose with Vapor-Loc barrier technology was developed for rough use on trucks and in-plant operations to bulk transfer a variety of caustic liquids including bio-diesel blends up to B-100, ethanol blends, gasoline, diesel, oils, most petroleum base products up to 60% aromatic contents, various types of fats, hydraulic fluids and some chemicals," said Steve Mertz, Marketing Manager for HBD/Thermoid, Inc. "Simply put, Vapor-Loc stops and prevents degradation of hose reinforcement/cover materials caused by permeation of bio-fuels and other caustic fuel types through the hose. Vapor-Loc also reduces fuel loss caused by fuel-vapor permeation, protects the environment, eliminates smelly fuel odors and help save our customers money by prevent costly fuel losses.".

Developed by HBD/Thermoid engineers, the Vapor-Loc barrier system was recently introduced on its new VAPOR -LOC Tank Truck Hose group. Vapor-Loc is a multi-layered barrier that traps and prevents hydrocarbon fuel vapors from permeating through the hose material. The Vapor-Loc barrier system reduces 99% of fuel loss caused by vapor permeation, prevents fuel odors, protects the environment and improves the hose's reinforcement, flexing abilities and service life. Comparison tests for fuel vapor permeation using identical sizes of fuel transfer hose products with gasoline and gasoline/ethanol blends (Fuel Types C & CE-10) in hoses over extended time periods and in varying temperatures show VAPOR-LOC Tank Truck Hose dramatically out-performing all other products.

VAPOR-LOC Tank Truck Hose is a full vacuum rated hose and comes in various sizes (1"- 4" I.D.). Available in smooth or corrugated cover, this product offers full working pressures of 150-200 psi based on hose size/style selected. VAPOR-LOC Tank Truck Hose handles easily, works in a variety of temperatures (-30ºF/-34ºC - +200ºF/+93ºC) and accepts most hose couplings.

For details on VAPOR-LOC Tank Truck Hose and/or other HBD/Thermoid, Inc. products, call: 800/543-8070 or visit www.hbdthermoid.com.

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