Tangential Fans suit equipment and OEM applications.

Press Release Summary:

Utilizing wide format design, LTG series features 90° airflow and surface feeding system that produce uniform airflow across entire length of impeller. All bearings and drives are located outside of airflow. Aluminum, stainless, and carbon steel models provide airflow volumes from 30-56,000 cfm and are available in 25-500 mm dia with 40-3,000 mm lengths. They suit applications that require low-profile fans or uniform airflow over wide area.

Original Press Release:

LTG Introduces New Tangential Fans Products Line for Various Equipment and OEM Applications

SPARTANBURG, SC---LTG, Inc., a manufacturer of equipment fans and accessories, introduces a new series of small footprint tangential fans for equipment and OEM applications.

The new series utilizes a distinctive wide format design that achieves high volume outflow with a minimum footprint. According to LTG's R&D officials, the 90° airflow and wide surface feeding system produces uniform airflow across the whole length of the impeller.

"The new series of tangential fans are ideal for applications that require low profile, small footprint fans or where uniform airflow over a wide area is needed," commented a company official.

The new series of LTG tangential fans provide airflow volumes from 30 CFM to 56,000 CFM and is available in 25 to 500 mm diameters with 40 to 3,000 mm lengths. Aluminum, stainless and carbon steel models are available.

All bearings and drives are located outside of the airflow where temperature differences, humidity, dust or chemicals in the airflow cannot affect their performance. Every LTG tangential fan is quick installable due to it's component system and requires minimal maintenance.


LTG, Inc. is a division of LTG AG based in Stuttgart, Germany. The company manufactures fans and air conditioning components for general industry. More product information is available at: www.ltg-inc.net. Address: PO Box 2889, 105 Corporate Drive, Ste. E, Spartanburg, SC 29304. Tel: 864-599-6340, Fax: 864-599-6344. Email: info@ltg-inc.net.

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