Tamper Evident Labels destruct on attempted removal.

Press Release Summary:

Suited for heavy-duty industrial equipment, components, and machinery, CILS-8800B Series provides optimal label strength for long-term product identification yet breaks up upon attempted removal and cannot be reused. Variable data such as barcodes and serial numbers can be printed from standard laser or thermal transfer printer. Designed to permanently bond to smooth, textured, or curved surfaces, labels are resistant to fuel, oil, grease, abrasion, and temperatures from -55 to +155°C.

Original Press Release:

New! CILS-8800B Ultra Durable Yet Tamper Evident Labels

The new CILS-8800B label series provides the ultimate label strength needed for long term product identification yet is technically developed to destruct on attempted removal providing the ideal tamper evidence solution for heavy-duty industrial equipment, components and machinery, etc.

Variable data (barcodes, serial numbers, etc) can be printed in minutes from a standard laser or thermal transfer printer while the high-performance adhesive permanently bonds to all challenging surfaces including powder-coated and cast metal surfaces, oily, smooth plastics, etc.

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