Taiyo America Introduced New Products at IPC Printed Circuit Expo

Carson City, NV--Taiyo America is pleased to announce the successful debut of a number of new products at the 2007 IPC Printed Circuits Expo in Los Angeles last week. "Taiyo America is again demonstrating its leadership in solder mask technology and associated products by introducing a number of new products at the IPC PC Expo. These products are state of the art materials that enable fabricators to produce the highest technology designs" says Dave Vaughan, Marketing Manager for Taiyo America. "The new products are continuing evidence of Taiyo America's commitment to the PCB fabrication industry."

Products introduced and promoted at the show last week included:

PSR-9000FXT, a Liquid Photoimageable Covercoat or Solder Mask for flexible printed circuit boards. It has excellent flexibility and low warpage throughout the fabrication process for high yields, as well as flexibility after cure. PSR-9000 FXT is available in amber and green colors and is RoHS compliant. A Laser Direct Imaging version of this product is available called PSR-9000FXT LDI(TM) that has the same excellent properties as the standard product.

THP-100DX1, a one-part, thermally curable epoxy hole plugging ink. It has high Tg and low CTE and is platable after cure for use in the highest technology designs. THP-100DX1 is packaged in either conventional cans or in cartridges for use in MASS VCP 5000-1 automated hole plugging machines. THP-100DX1 is RoHS compliant and compatible with lead-free assembly.

PSR-4100WL (HD)--"HD" is for "High Definition" --a new, second generation Liquid Photoimageable White Legend Ink that is capable of very fine character resolution - down to 2 mil line widths. It is exceptionally economical for small lot sizes compared to conventional screen-applied legend ink. PSR-4100WL (HD) is bright white in color and has excellent color retention, even after soldering. In fabrication, it has very low odor and does not dry on screens quickly. PSR-4100WL (HD) is compatible with lead-free soldering and is RoHS compliant.

PSR-4000 LEW1, a brilliant white solder mask designed for LED applications. It has outstanding reflectance and color stability, even with lead-free soldering temperatures and exposure to very high intensity UV light. PSR-4000 LEW1 is high resolution, low halogen and RoHS compliant.

HRP-700BA2, a high Tg - low CTE Dielectric that may be used for preserving planarity of multilayer structures in lamination. This 2-part epoxy formula can be used to fill vias and gaps between circuit traces before multilayer lamination to maintain overall panel thickness. For microvia formation, if used as an outerlayer dielectric, it is easily laser-ablatable. HRP-700BA2 gives excellent high aspect ratio and thermal cycling performance and is RoHS compliant.

LDI(TM)-1000 GA, the next generation Liquid Photoimageable Solder Mask for Laser Direct Imaging. It needs only 80 mJ/cm2 exposure energy and can resolve 75µ features in 65µ thick coatings. LDI(TM)-1000 GA is compatible with final finishes such as ENIG, tin and silver. It is low halogen, RoHS compliant and compatible with lead-free assembly.

ECORAD® LPR-1000, a water-borne, high resolution, Liquid Etch Resist that has less than 5% V.O.C. ECORAD LPR-1000 exposes, develops and strips quickly for high productivity. ECORAD® LPR-1000 has virtually no odor and no solvents are needed for dilution.

PSR-4000 HFX Colors--The standard green version of PSR-4000 HFX Satin has become the second largest selling LPI Solder Mask from Taiyo America. This solder mask family now includes Red, Blue, Black, White and Clear products in satin finish. The HFX line offers high resolution and fast photospeed with excellent resistance to final finish chemistries, such as ENIG, tin and silver. The PSR-4000 HFX Colors are lead-free compatible and RoHS compliant.

Taiyo America is the leading manufacturer of high quality solder mask coatings and specialty products for printed circuit board fabrication. They are a subsidiary of Taiyo Ink Manufacturing Company of Tokyo, Japan and have manufactured the industry-standard PSR-4000 solder mask products in Carson City since 1995.

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