Taconic Introduces Longer-Life Carrier Tapes for SMT Process

September 1, 2006- Taconic introduces TACSIL F20, a flexible printed circuit board (FPCB) carrier tape. TACSIL F20 was specifically engineered to out-perform standard polyimide tapes and double sided tapes in the rigorous SMT process.

"TACSIL F20 has been tested to exceed 500 cycles in a normal SMT process, while many previous carrier tapes were not reusable. In addition, TACSIL F20's unique formulation aids in precise surface mounting and exhibits an adhesion level that does not damage the flexible printed circuit board upon removal from the carrier. These characteristics result in higher productivity which translates into significant cost savings overall," commented YM Lim, Korea Taconic Company's managing director.

TACSIL F20 is comprised of a PTFE coated fiberglass substrate with a high temperature pressure sensitive adhesive on one side and a specially formulated resin compound on the other to create a superior Flexible Printed Circuit Carrier tape.

For a detailed product brochure, contact Taconic Customer Service at their Petersburgh, NY Corporate Headquarters at 800-833-1805, by fax at 888-757-6245, or by email at info@4taconic.com

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