Tachometer/Encoder features over-molded, thermoplastic housing.

Press Release Summary:

Series P1900 non-contact speed/commutation sensor utilizes digital, solid-state Hall Effect switch that senses change in magnetic field of multi-pole, permanent magnet target wheel. In addition to determining average or instantaneous speed of device, P1900 can be used as incremental encoder for determining position. Temperature-compensated unit features 4.5-24 Vdc operation with current sinking output and reverse polarity protection.

Original Press Release:

P1900 Low Cost - Speed / Commutation Sensor

o Over-molded Design for Low Cost
o Rugged Thermoplastic Housing
o Extremely Small Size Footprint
o Use with all Magnet Target Rotors
o Digital Output Signal
o 4.5-24 VDC Operation Range
o Current Sinking Output
o 20ma Continuous Operation
o Reverse Polarity Protection
o 0 to 100 kHz Operation
o Temperature Compensated
o Operation from -40°C to 125°C

Tachometer/Encoder Description:
The P1900 Series sensor is a very cost-effective device to accurately determine average or instantaneous speed in industrial applications. In addition to reading the speed of a device, the P1900 can be used as an incremental encoder for determining position for applications that include motor commutation, motor shaft position, machine table position, etc. Being a non-contact device, the tachometer/encoder is very well suited to industrial environments. With the sensing technology over-molded in a rugged, thermoplastic housing, this sensor provides a low cost device with a small footprint solution for demanding application. Standard electrical protection includes reverse polarity, transient suppression and output short circuit.

Central to the tachometer/encoder is a digital solid state Hall Effect switch that senses the change in magnetic field of a multi-pole permanent magnet target wheel. We offer integrally manufactured, permanent magnet target wheels that are specifically designed to deliver optimum performance with the tachometer/encoder. The P16 series permanent magnet target wheels feature many mounting options, such as press fit hubs and set-screw hubs, and can accommodate a large number of shaft sizes. Wide ranges of pole counts are available, offering a large selection of resolution or pulses per revolution.

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