Tabletop Vacuum Sealer offers semiautomatic operation.

Press Release Summary:

V-301 series vacuum sealer features self-contained vacuum pump and automatic timer that also controls vacuum and sealing temperature. Utilizing 110 V outlet, it also offers automated vacuum nozzle IN/OUT motion. Ergonomic device has compact design for desktop operation and provides sealing dimensions of 2 or 4 in. wide and up to 11¾ in. long. Timer and manual modes can be selected and system can also be operated in sealing-after-vacuum or sealing-only modes.

Original Press Release:

Fuji Impulses Introduces New Compact Tabletop Vacuum Sealer with Easy to Use Semi-Automatic Feature.

OSAKA, Japan - January 17, 2008 - Fuji Impulse Co. Ltd., announces the much anticipated upgrade version of their semi-automatic vacuum sealer, V-301 series. This new addition to their product line will make the vacuum-sealing experience easier and more enjoyable through automated vacuum nozzle IN/OUT motion. In addition to the automatic timer that controls vacuum and sealing temperature, the V-301 features;

1) Moderate vacuuming capacity, that is effective enough for the packaging of fresh foods, apparel, industrial parts, chemicals, and precision instruments to prevent packaged products from oxidation and deterioration, keeping their freshness and original shapes during the shipping process.

2) Unlike many other vacuum sealers requiring air that uses a high air consumption vacuum system, this convenient and powerful sealer includes a self-contained vacuum pump and does not need any additional equipment to get you ready to package and utilizes a simple 110V outlet.

3) With the compact design for desktop operation, it takes up only a minimal footprint on your production countertop, yet it achieves high quality sealing performance on 2" or 4" (5mm or 10mm - the sealing width can be changed by changing the heating element) seal width and up to 11-3/4" (or 300mm) wide of your pouch.

4) Simple operation procedure, highly ergonomic and ideal for continuous operation. It only takes a few moments to learn how to use the unit. After inserting the nozzle into the pouch, push down on the product table. Press the vacuum start button to begin the vacuum process while the bag and the nozzle remain clamped under the clamping lever. When the "Timer Vacuuming" is selected, the nozzle automatically returns to the initial position after the pre-set vacuuming time. Then push down on the table again to seal. With the "Manual Vacuuming" mode, vacuum process can be stopped at optimum timing by pushing the vacuum button as well.

5) Unit can be operated with either "sealing after vacuum" or "sealing only" mode. It can be used in a seal-only operation in the projects that don't require vacuuming.

V-301 series is ideal for projects where high-vacuum packaging is not really necessary but de-airing is desirable to maximize the shelf life. To optimize the oxygen-free packaging for the extended preservative effect, you can use a high-gas-barrier packaging material along with an oxygen scavenger. If you are looking for a quality and powerful vacuum sealing, V-301 is certainly your best choice.

Sealing Method: Impulse Heat Sealing
Sealing Dimension: L300-W10/5mm
Heating time: Dial Setting / Scale 1 - 10 (0.1 - 2.3 second)
Cooling Time: Buzzer informs the end of cooling cycle (about 2 times of heating time)
Vacuuming Time: Dial Setting / Scale 1-9 (0.1- 20.0 second)

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