Tablet PCs are UL60601-1 medical equipment certified.

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Designed for use in medical/hospital environments, 8.4 in. IA160 Series utilizes Intel Atom 1.6Ghz N270 Processor with Intel 945 GSE Chipset. It is engineered to Military 810F shock, vibration, and drop standards, and has IP54 dust and waterproof rating. Featuring aluminum-magnesium alloy construction, unit includes integrated 802.11b/g WIFI and Bluetooth modules and 1 x SODIMM, max 2GB DDR2 400/533. Also available is 10.4 in. size V8011 Series based on VIA C7M Nano 1.2 Ghz Processor.

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AIS Releases a Rugged Medical Tablet PC for Medical and Healthcare Industries

Irvine, CA - American Industrial Systems, Inc. (AIS) introduces a medically certified 8.4" and 10.4" Rugged Tablet PC for the Medical Industry. It features the latest N270 Intel® Atom Processor for ultra low power and high reliability operation. The tablet PC sports an elegant, practical design featuring an aluminum-magnesium alloy construction with individually sealed ports for complete IP54 compliance waterproof and dustproof protection. The unit has passed UL60601-1 Medical Equipment Certificaitons for approved electronic compatibility and reliability in the medical field. On top of the certifications the unit is engineered to Military 810F shock, vibration, and drop standards to withstand the most extreme applications used by in medical / hospital environments.

AIS' medical certified tablet pc comes with a high capacity lithium ion battery, enabling it to be used on the go and in outdoor environments with ease. By utilizing the latest in Transflective technology and sunlight readable touchscreens, AIS can provide optimum visibility in direct sunlight conditions where standard tablets would fail. The ergonomically designed hand-held tablet PC features programmable buttons and touchscreen technology for quick and easy navigation. Additional accessories are available such as charging bases, barcode scanners, carrying straps, and GPS receivers to cater the tablet PC to your requirements.

Staying connected is simple with integrated 802.11b/g WIFI and Bluetooth modules, which allow easy connection to wireless networks and Bluetooth devices without the need for external hardware. Where a wireless Internet connection in a non WiFi enabled area is required, the unit has an integrated PCMCIA slot to allow the addition of wireless modems and third-party devices such as GPS. Windows XP and Windows XP Embedded are available, allowing optimal tuning and performance to your specifications.

Currently the AIS Medically Certified Tablet PCs are available in 8.4" (IA160 Series), 10.4" sizes (V8011 Series). The IA160 Series features the latest Intel Atom 1.6Ghz N270 Processor and the V8011 Series utilizes the VIA C7M Nano 1.2Ghz Processor. Through combining MIL-810F ruggedness and reliability, IP54 element protection, and Intel Atom Processor, and Medical Certifications, AIS has created an all-in-one medical tablet PC solution to answer the demands of modern medical workplace.

Medically Certified Tablet PC's are available in the 10.4" (V8011 Series) & 8.4" (IA160 Series)

AIS Intel Atom Tablet PC Features and Benefits:

o UL 60601-1 Medical Equipment Certified

o 8.4" & 10.4" Industrial TFT-LCD Panels

o High Performance, Low Power Intel Atom N270 1.6GHz with Intel 945 GSE Chipset + ICH7 or

o 1 x SODIMM, Max 2GB DDR2 400/533

o Rugged Alu-Mg Alloy Housing Design with Protective Rubber for MIL-810F Shock, Vibration, and Drop Std.

o Versatile Mobile Communication Functions including WWAN (GPRS/GSM/CDMA/UMTS/EDGE) and GSP Module

o Wireless 801.1 b/g and Bluetooth Module

o Ergonomic Portable Design with Handstrap and Carry Belt Accessories (optional)

o 6 Cell, 4800 mAh Lithium-Ion Battery Pack

o IP54 Dust and Waterproof Rating

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