Table Lifts for All Your Needs from Progressive Automations

Richmond, British Columbia – Progressive Automations offers a rich and varied online selection of small and mid-size linear actuators and lifting columns. As one of the largest manufacturers of single and dual table lifts, the company is poised to provide solutions for lifting virtually any type of table, platform, or desk. These lifts are engineered for precision and durability, even after thousands of actuations.

Selection of table lift models

Progressive Automations offers single and dual table lift sets. The FLT-03-2-1 is a single lift for tables that is compatible for use with small tables and platforms. The FLT-03-2-2 is a set of dual lifts best suited for raising bigger tables, desks and office furniture. These desk lifts are designed for applications that require a synchronized lifting operation from two different points such as a picture archiving and communication system (PACS) radiology table. The third model, the FLT-06 offers usability similar to that of FLT-03-2-2, but with multiple options. It is suitable for hobby design projects and furniture.

Choice of controls

The performance of all table and furniture lifts offered by Progressive Automations is accentuated by easy-to-use controls such as a control box and wired remote that can be operated via AC or DC power.

Comprehensive warranty

Progressive Automations' key differentiator is its comprehensive 18-month warranty on all products purchased from the Progressive Automations website. This warranty applies to all products and parts.

Custom orders

Custom orders on all table lift models are accepted by Progressive Automations. Stroke sizes and dimensions of these lifts can be custom-configured by placing a request with the Progressive Automations sales representatives.

About Progressive Automations:

Progressive Automations is a manufacturer and wholesaler of linear actuators and lifting columns to consumers in the United States, Canada and the rest of the world. Progressive Automations offers the largest online selection of low-priced small to mid-size linear actuators in different size, force and speed configurations. Progressive Automations' actuators are popular in many fields such as medical equipment, furniture, consumer products, hobby design and any other products were automation is needed.

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