T2 Fixtures from Walls + Forms Enable Flexible Yet Economical Store Conversion from Alltel to Verizon Wireless

Coppell, TX - Walls + Forms, Inc. is an innovator in displays and wall systems with an expanding presence in the wireless industry. ABC Phones used the T2 fixture system from Walls + Forms to execute the transition from Alltel to Verizon Wireless stores economically while creating an attractive new look for maximizing store traffic and building the Verizon brand further.

ABC Phones faced numerous challenges at the outset of the conversion. They needed to create a successful plan to fit within existing square footage. Providing a fresh new look for the transition was crucial. They also needed to maximize the flexibility of electronics, security, capacity and shopping space. The actions undertaken to address these challenges were accomplished utilizing recently introduced T2 fixtures from Walls + Forms, incorporated new counter and wall designs, and providing a flexible yet economical merchandising package

The actions resulted in a plan to address operational requirements, the successful launch of new stores representing their respective brands, the ongoing success of the organization in delivering superior store fixtures, and an increase in sales and profits.

The T2 system is the first display system flexible enough to instantly react to market shifts of any kind. The displays can be modified quickly in appearance, color, arrangement, form, function, and even configuration. Most changes can be made without any tools and by untrained staff. The system allows for lightning fast reaction to new product developments, emerging technologies, or unforeseen market shifts. It is simple, flexible and versatile.

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