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T-Shape Enclosures protect handheld electronic devices.

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T-Shape Enclosures protect handheld electronic devices.

Feb 25, 2013 - Measuring 8.19 x 4.60 x 1.18 in., TEKNET-T enclosures feature T-shaped head section for mounting larger LCD modules and narrower keypad area. Top section is recessed to facilitate mounting of membrane keypad and may also include integrated window for display module. Soft-touch edge grips promote secure and comfortable holding as well as device protection. Enclosures are manufactured using dual shot molding technology, which combines white or black ABS with soft-touch TPU elastomer.

Original Press Release

New Soft-Touch T-Shape Hand-Held Enclosures

Press release date: Feb 21, 2013

TEKO have launched the new TEKNET-T enclosures which have been designed for hand-held electronics with large displays. Typical applications include in-field test and measurement instruments, medical devices, data loggers and much more.

The TEKNET-T enclosures are very stylish and ergonomic. The cases feature a T-shaped head section which has been designed for mounting larger LCD modules, and a narrower keypad area which is very comfortable to hold.

The whole top section is recessed to allow easy mounting of a membrane keypad which may also include an integrated window for the display module.

The TEKNET-T cases have external dimensions of 8.19” x 4.60” x 1.18” (208 x 117 x 30 mm) and feature soft-touch edge grips for secure and comfortable holding during use. The edge grips also provide protection for the case moldings.

The cases are manufactured using dual shot molding technology which combines white or black ABS with ‘soft-touch’ TPU elastomer in contrasting light or dark gray.

The top and base moldings include internal screw pillars for fitting PCBs and assemblies. The cases are assembled by four self-tapping screws. Prices start at $28.

TEKO can supply the TEKNET-T enclosures with additional holes for push-buttons, connectors and controls etc., plus silk-screen printed legends and logos. The cases can also be molded or painted in alternative colors.

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