T.J. Snow Upgrades CMM Capabilities

Chattanooga, Tennessee — T.J. Snow Company recently upgraded its CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) capabilities by purchasing a new FARO Edge 9-foot Arm with Laser Line Probe HD. 

T. J. Snow's new portable FARO Arm features state-of-the-art high definition scanning technology. The 7-axis FARO Edge is one of the most sophisticated non-contact measurement tools available in its class.

The use of FARO's most advanced scanning probe will allow T. J. Snow's Engineering and Inspection Departments to reduce measurement time by collecting numerous 3D data points of an object in space and easily converting those data points to digital CAD models.

The investment will facilitate sophisticated statistical process control, part inspection and data acquisition and output.  This will ensure conformity to design specifications, along with quickly reverse engineering CAD models where none existed previously.

"We are pleased to advance our Engineering and Inspection capabilities," said James Dillard, Vice President of Engineering Manufacturing, "We will automate dimensional data gathering, along with making and reporting statistical process calculations. Our new FARO arm will also enhance the accuracy of our machine remanufacturing projects, where CAD models do not currently exist."

"The Laser Line Probe HD quickly digitizes objects and creates fully surfaced CAD models," added Dillard.  This will streamline inspection, machine and tooling set up verification, and reverse engineering."

"We are confident that this technology will enhance precision and allow us to set tooling and fixtures to nominal faster.  This will shorten the work in process time and advance our equipment to the test and run-off stages quicker," explained Dillard.

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