T.I.P. SHT-0405 Grooved Kickoff Roller with Air Jets

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

This January, Pemco has released the latest version of its Technical Improvement Program (T.I.P.) for the SHM folio-size sheeter product line. One highlight of this T.I.P. release is SHT-0405, a new kickoff roller for improved sheet transfer and stack quality on the SHM 1400 and SHM 1450 series.

T.I.P. SHT-0405 Grooved Kickoff Roller with Air Jets replaces the existing kickoff roller on SHM 1400 and 1450 series machines with a grooved kickoff roller.

This improvement offers the following advantages:

o The grooves allow more strategic positioning of the new air jets

o Independent adjustment of each air jet gives the operator the flexibility to control the air flow for a given product

o The angle of attack of the air jets provides better sheet control during the sheet stacking process

o Improved transition into the stacker enhances stack quality

Furthermore, T.I.P. SHT-0405 also allows the installation of ionized air jets, which is only possible in conjunction with a grooved roller.

"The implementation of T.I.P. SHT-0405 can be accomplished in less than three days. The total machine downtime is only about 12 to 14 hours," says Tayfun Ozbaki, Senior Production Improvement Engineer at Pemco. "We estimate another 4 to 6 hours for start-up and testing with minimal production followed by one day of monitoring during normal production."

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