T&D Temperature Data Loggers for Blood Cold Chains

Free Graphing Software Shows Temperature History to Regulators

CHESTERLAND OH — Are you a hospital purchasing agent or lab technician looking for a way to record temperature of blood bags in transport? You need a simple device for EMS medkits in transports to log, store and graph the data to show to CAP and state inspectors to prove the unused blood is still viable. TD RTR-501 Wireless Temperature Data Loggers are ideal for placement in medkits to show compliance to CAP or state inspectors. CAS DataLoggers is the highest-selling TD distributor in the US and offers free technical support. Call one of our Applications Specialists at 800-956-4437 today!

Easy Operation:

After EMS technicians load the blood bags into the transport and return, there are often some blood supplies remaining. However, to help preserve its viability for future successful transfusions, EMS crews need a way to automatically log the blood's temperature history throughout the trip in the blood cold chain. This federally-mandated data can also be vital in receiving CMS payments, etc.

T&D is Japan's #1 manufacturer of temperature and humidity data logging systems. These compact yet high-accuracy temperature dataloggers are known worldwide for their reliability and offer USB or Ethernet interfaces for convenient data retrieval. Just place a T&D Wireless Temperature Datalogger inside each medkit. Each logger's internal sensor automatically records and stores the blood's temperature readings according to the desired sample rate. That's it--no external sensors or wiring required! These rugged devices also feature email, FTP and Web interfaces to view and save all recorded temperature data. T&D's wireless communication allows users to process and manage the temperature data anytime from anywhere, offering unmatched convenience.

Wireless Data Capture:

T&D data loggers measure and record data by registering to a T&D RTR-500 Wireless Base Station which wirelessly collects their temperature readings. T&D 500-series data loggers can send their data up to 500 ft. away from a base station when unobstructed indoors.

The RTR-500 can be used as either a 'Base Unit' for the RTR-500 Wireless Data Logger Series or a 'Repeater' for extending wireless communication range. Easy USB connection for performance as a Base Unit makes it perfect for onsite use. By registering the RTR-500 as a Base Unit, it is possible to Download Recorded Data from Remote Units and send the temperature data by e-mail or FTP to a designated address. This way you have the data to prove that the unused blood bags are still viable after replacement in your hospital's blood storage unit.

Free Graphing Software:

FREE user-friendly software is included with T&D 500 series base units for quick setup and configuration. It's easy to use the included T&D Graph Software to create a custom graph display of the temperature data to show to regulators. This is an ideal way to give proof of your hospital's best practices. You can also choose to export the temperature readings to other programs.

Learn more about T&D Wireless Temperature Dataloggers--contact a CAS Data Logger Applications Specialist TODAY at 800-956-4437 or visit our website at www.DataLoggerInc.com.

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