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Effective last month, the EPA has enacted a new efficiency regulation concerning wall transformers. In order to comply with this regulation, TandD has changed all of their A/C Adapter model numbers. To help ease this transition, TandD has published a chart showing their current model numbers and the new model numbers for the A/C Adapters. You can find the chart here:

http://www.tandd.com/support/other/other_acadapter.html. At CAS DataLoggers we offer TD dataloggers along with FREE on-call tech support. Give us a call today at 800-956-4437

and save!

WiFi Temperature Monitoring:

Do you have perishable Food Beverage product which requires continual temperature monitoring after hours or during the weekend? Protect your products whether they’re in storage or transit with the new TR-71wf WiFi Temperature Datalogger from T&D. Now you can send your data to the Cloud where you can view real-time data and get alarm notifications sent directly to your mobile device.

T&D Wireless Temperature Data Loggers:

T&D dataloggers are compact and famous for their rugged design which can survive even harsh industrial environments.

The new T&D TR-71wf WiFi Temperature Datalogger monitors the temperature of its environment including your food and beverage products, healthcare drugs/vaccines, and more.

This two-channel model monitors temperature from -40 to 110°C (-40°F to 230°F) using its external thermistor sensor.

We also carry T&D’s TR-72wf Combination Datalogger which simultaneously records both temperature and humidity.

Wireless LAN communication enables you to setup the logger, download data, and receive email alarms from your PC or mobile device. These standalone temperature recorders log data with no cables needed, powered by two standard AA alkaline battery cells providing up to two years of life when set to upload data once per day. The loggers record up to 8,000 temperature measurements for extended monitoring and also feature a USB interface for users who want to retrieve data on memory stick.

Alarm Your Product From Your Mobile Device:

Once you’ve set your high and low Alarm Limits, the WiFi datalogger monitors your product’s temperature 24/7. Whenever your product’s temperature goes out of specification, TR-71wf wireless data loggers will immediately send you a warning email over the Internet or LAN network. When this occurs you’ll see an "Alert" icon and a graph showing color-coded values, giving you time to save your product by taking corrective actions.

Free Cloud Storage!

The FREE T&D Cloud WebStorage Service enables you to store data and generate temperature graphs as proof to receivers that your product stayed in specification the entire length of the trip. Using the Webstorage Service you can view all your recorded data from T&D wireless dataloggers online anytime, anywhere. Choose to Save, Print, Analyze, and more.

For more information on our new WiFi temperature data loggers, more T&D products monitoring additional values, or to find the ideal solution for your application-specific needs, contact a CAS Data Logger Applications Specialist at 800-956-4437 or visit our website at www.DataLoggerInc.com.

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