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Schloss Holte-Stukenbrock, Germany – Intra-logistics partner STROTHMANN repositions its RoundTrack transport technology for heavy loads, forming the new division ProductionLogistics to indicate the company's significant diversification in recent years. "Initially, RoundTracks were developed to transport dies and blanks in press shops. Today, we are confronted with all-new and much more complex tasks in various industry sectors. We configure entire manufacturing and assembly lines based on RoundTrack technology. In doing that, we are largely responsible for making our customers' production processes more efficient and ergonomic." The modular system for planning and implementing individual intra-logistics concepts comprises floor rails with a range of crossings, standard and customized trolleys, and drive technologies, for instance STROTHMANN's proprietary intermittent drive or direct drives integrated in RoundTrack carts. The company also designs and supplies additional interfacing technologies such as hoist equipment.



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