System provides wireless remote temperature monitoring.

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IntelliHACCP(TM) Enterprise-Level Solution is comprised of IntelliSense(TM) wireless temperature monitoring units, IntelliCheck(TM) web-based PDA, and IntelliProbe(TM) Bluetooth Wireless Temperature Probe, which works with PDA. When combined, components provide school food service directors in school districts and food service directors in healthcare facilities with solution for all remote temperature monitoring needs, as defined in HACCP regulations.

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E-Control Systems, Inc. Presents its IntelliHACCP(TM) Enterprise Level Wireless Remote Temperature Monitoring Solution for School Food Service and Healthcare Food Service

E-Control Systems, Inc., a trusted leader of monitoring hardware and software products for the foodservice industry, presents its new generation IntelliCheck(TM) PDA with full corrective action support and the IntelliProbe(TM) Wireless Temperature Probe now available for immediate delivery.

Chatsworth, November 30, 2006 -- E-Control Systems, Inc., a trusted leader of remote temperature monitoring hardware and software products for the School Food Service and Healthcare Food Service, presents its IntelliHACCP(TM) Enterprise lev=el solution for wireless remote temperature monitoring, now available for immediate delivery.

E-Control Systems IntelliHACCP(TM) Enterprise level solution is comprised of: IntelliSense(TM) Family of wireless temperature monitoring solutions; IntelliCheck(TM) web-based handheld PDA solution for taking product temperature readings, managing and deploying school HACCP inspection programs, and HACCP temperature monitoring for the Food Service Industry; IntelliProbe(TM), E-Control Systems new Bluetooth Wireless Temperature Probe which works seamlessly with the IntelliCheck(TM) PDA.

The Child Nutrition and WIC Reauthorization Act of 2004 requires each school food authority (SFA) to implement a school food safety program based on HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) principles.

IntelliHACCP(TM) provides School Food Service Directors in School Districts and Food Service Directors in Healthcare Facilities with an Enterprise level solution for all their remote temperature monitoring need, as defined in the HACCP regulations.

E-Control Systems IntelliSense(TM) family of wireless hot and cold temperature monitoring solutions includes low cost hardware and software elements needed to monitor equipment and processes for School Food Service and Healthcare Food Service. Temperature monitoring and other data is collected through Wireless Temperature Sensor Units (IntelliSensor(TM)), transmitted wirelessly to an IntelliGate(TM) Unit that consolidates, encrypts and sends the data over Ethernet. Data can then be viewed with a standard web browser anywhere over the web. Abnormal conditions (alerts) generated by the system are sent over e-mail, cell phones, or pagers. Each IntelliGate(TM) (the school Gateway) has a dry contact output that allows it to be connected to a local alarm system at each school. This allows local, in addition to remote notifications of any alarms in the refrigeration system. These alarm notifications operate even if the network connection is not working.

IntelliCheck(TM) is a complete web-based handheld PDA for taking product temperature readings, managing and deploying HACCP inspection programs for the Food Service Industry. IntelliCheck(TM) includes an integrated corrective action system that makes sure operators fix problems as soon as they are detected.

IntelliCheck(TM) is designed to eliminate cumbersome form-based data collection. No more filling out checklist by hand and stuffing them into a filing cabinet. With this Intelli PDA you simply press a single button and let the system do the rest. All the data is automatically uploaded to the central server.

IntelliProbe(TM) combined with the IntelliCheck(TM) provides a complete mobile temperature logging solution. Press the button on the IntelliProbe(TM) to measure temperatures, and the data is automatically sent to your computer for convenient retrieval at a later time. IntelliCheck(TM) stores all of your sensitive data in a secure central location for easy retrieval from any computer on your network.

Temperature readings are done through the IntelliProbe(TM), E-Control Systems new Bluetooth Wireless Temperature Probe, the only completely wireless temperature logging solution on the market. No need to worry about dangling wires into food or burning wires on the stove. The IntelliProbe(TM) features an iButton(TM) reader at its base for reading iButton(TM) data tags. Coin sized buttons can be easily installed at any inspection station. Operators checking that station simply touch the base of the IntelliProbe(TM) to the button which automatically brings up that station's checklist or schedule.

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E-Control Systems, Inc. is the emerging leader for NAFEM Data Protocol compliant hardware and software for the food service industry. Its enterprise management and information software allows easy integration and automation of any size restaurant or commercial kitchen. Its scalable architecture and SQL compliant database makes this system useful in single location, 10-location, or 10,000-location installations. Its software is used in many commercial equipment for the food service industry including walk-in coolers and freezers, reach-ins, under-counters, grills, fryers, ice machines, washers, and many more. These integrated solutions leverage state-of-the-art technologies and innovative practices to enhance performance, profitability, and competitive advantage. To learn more about E-Control Systems, Inc. and how we can help you, please visit us online at or call 888-384-3274

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