System provides online condition monitoring solution.

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Featuring network centric architecture, InSite(TM) incorporates all components necessary to collect, store, analyze, and present enterprise-wide asset condition data. Factories and plants can use data to prevent unexpected equipment breakdowns from occurring, and effectively schedule maintenance activities. Because of high scalability, InSite can be implemented on small scale first, allowing users to learn features before investing into plant-wide system.

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Incheck Technologies Improves Asset Management with Online Service Model

Log on to Your Factory's Physical Assets: Network Centric Architecture Simplifies
Condition Monitoring

InCheck Technologies introduces InSite(TM) - the first integrated condition monitoring solution for predictive maintenance built using network centric architecture. This means that a plant's key physical assets can now be monitored more efficiently and at lower cost, making a predictive maintenance program easier to implement. Utilizing standard, readily available network infrastructure, such as local and wide area networks and the Internet, network centric architecture provides for easy and inexpensive installation, low capital investment, great scalability, data
access from anywhere, flexibility of alert distribution, and easy multi-site integration.

InSite(TM) system incorporates all components necessary to collect, store, analyze, and present enterprise wide asset condition data. Because of its high scalability, InSite(TM) can be implemented on a small scale first, giving users the opportunity to learn its features before investing into a plant wide system. Available InWeb(TM) remote data services make the system attractive to small operators, who don't want to install and maintain a local application server.

InCheck Technologies offers pilot programs to its new customers. In a pilot program a customer installs a limited number of sensors and data acquisition modules, while the data collection service and application software are provided by InCheck Technologies' InWeb(TM) services free of charge for a limited time. After the pilot program has been completed the customer has an option to continue using the InWeb(TM) services on a subscription basis. As customers implement their condition monitoring system on a larger scale, they can install a local server and run the application on it. The company also provides a range of complementing services - form basic to extended technical support to engineering services. And, thanks to the built-in network
connectivity, most of the services can be delivered via the Internet, reducing the cost to the users.

InCheck Technologies develops and markets fully integrated condition monitoring solutions to the Enterprise Asset Management market. The company's products include sensors, data acquisition devices, integrated relational database, application server, and data analysis software in a complete network enabled solution for condition monitoring of physical assets. Factories and plants can use the data to prevent unexpected equipment breakdowns from occurring, and more effectively schedule their maintenance activities, which ultimately improves the efficiency of operations and increases profitability. InCheck Technologies also provides comprehensive online
technical and engineering support for its customers, which is facilitated by the networks centric architecture of its products.

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