System Planning Corporation Develops Supply Chain Visibility Business Case Tool

ARLINGTON, Va., Nov. 7 -- System Planning Corporation (SPC), producer of the GlobalTrak® cargo tracking and monitoring system, is pleased to announce a custom analytic tool for calculating the costs and benefits of deploying GlobalTrak®.

SPC's GlobalTrak® Value Analyzer (GTVA) is a confidential and collaborative tool to measure the potential net benefits derived from using a GlobalTrak® System. The GTVA is being offered by SPC to a limited number of qualified customers at no charge.

The lack of sophisticated Return-on-Investment (ROI) models that can demonstrate the many benefits of supply chain visibility has been an obstacle to justifying the adoption of tracking and cargo condition monitoring technologies, according to Brooke Stanton, Director, Financial Analysis and Strategic Planning, GlobalTrak®.

"Using industry research and case studies as well as data from actual implementation of the GlobalTrak® system, we at SPC have built a tool that calculates the costs and benefits of adopting the system," Stanton explained. "By integrating this financial model into a collaborative, six-step process with your specific company data, we can support business decision making on equipment investment and system roll-out."

Making the business case for supply chain visibility can be a daunting task that can take analysts months to accomplish. "We rendered this complex process into a standard model that can be easily customized to any business, dramatically simplifying the ROI evaluation process," added Stanton.

"Numerous studies have quantified the benefits of supply chain visibility, but individual companies must bridge the gap between these industry-wide or case study results and their own unique company performance," explained Richard C. Meyers, CEO of GlobalTrak®. "Studies have indicated a savings of hundreds of dollars in net benefits per container trip that the GTVA now can relate to your business."

The model uses over 25 company-specific inputs to calculate ROI. The result of extensive development, the model contains a comprehensive set of value points including reduction in theft, safety inventory, inventory carrying costs, and out-of-stocks. Other value points include an increase in automated supply chain monitoring, reduced insurance premiums and claims, and a reduction in expedited shipping and demurrage costs. Users can apply trading partner and ramp-up schedules along with readiness information to derive attainable benefit. Soft benefits such as brand protection can be included as well.

GlobalTrak® is an asset tracking and condition monitoring system, composed of an asset monitoring unit (AMU) and a network communications center called the Information Management Bureau (IMB). The AMU is equipped with a sensor suite that communicates with the web-accessible IMB via cell, satellite, or wireless LAN. Because GlobalTrak® relies on publicly available global communications networks, no additional infrastructure is required. The IMB is a global intelligence center that provides data on a need-to-know basis to designated stakeholders via encrypted media. This assures all stakeholders in the supply chain process knowledge of shipments and related transactions and know "where, when and in what condition" goods are 24x7.

Supply chain visibility is about the efficient use of assets, the security of precious cargos, and the opportunity to operate a demand-driven supply chain. Learn what you need to do to realize these benefits today. For a limited number of qualified companies, SPC is offering the GTVA free of charge. For further information contact Brooke Stanton at or Richard Meyers at To learn more about GlobalTrak® visit

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