System for Welding Cylinders

A manufacturer of steel cylinders for fire suppression systems wanted to move from using heavy wall pipe cut to length with end caps welded on both ends. They wanted a new manufacturing line of equipment to produce tanks from raw plate which is rolled, seam welded, end cap welded and then x-ray tested with an output of (5) 24" diameter full length tanks per hour. The pressure cylinders range in size from 10.75" I.D. to 30" O.D. and are produced to DOT 4 BW specifications.

Pandjiris provided a Model 60E5.2-30 seamer for the longitudinal weld and a weld lathe for the circumferential welds on the end caps. The seamer was fitted with SAW welding equipment and a flux recovery system. A Pandjiris EZ Link(TM) Series Controller controls the carriage and provides the automatic sequence. A manual height adjustable scissors lift cart is used for shell conveyance between the seamer and an endo conveyor line. The lift cart rides on V-groove casters on 10' V track to position the workpiece into the seamer throat.

The weld lathe was specifically designed to accommodate three workpiece diameters. It welds both circumferential welds for the endcaps simultaneously. The workpieces are fabricated from mild steel material, approximately 1/4" thick. The lathe is mounted with two SAW weld packages and flux recovery systems as well as two seam trackers.
The weld lathe is designed to support and rotate the workpieces using three sets of dedicated/vacuum end cap fixtures. Prior to clamping the workpiece between the head and tailstock faceplates, the workpiece shell is supported on two pneumatic work supports. The work supports are equipped with ball transfer rollers to allow the operator to align the horizontal shell seam prior to welding the end caps circumferentially. The tailstock rides on precision rollers on a cold rolled steel track blade to allow the operator to move the tailstock into and out of position quickly for each new workpiece to be welded.

The workpiece end cap is pressed into the workpiece shell to provide a tight fit up between the shell and end cap for a joggle weld joint, at the weld lathe. Pandjiris designed fixtures to fit the end cap of the shells, with a precise distance from the head and tailstock faceplates maintained, allowing room for head fittings and foot rings.

The EZ Link(TM) Controller puts automated equipment control functions at the operator's fingertips. Welding and motion functions are coordinated in an easy-to-use package. The PVSC-C EZ Link Controller automatically adjusts surface travel speed based on the part diameter input by the operator. A pass counter permits multi-pass welding with an optional limit switch arrangement.

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