System Enclosure supports 3U, 6U, CPCI, and VME backplanes.

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Designed for military and airborne applications, 11U high system enclosure suppresses EMI using honeycomb filters, perforated baffle plates, EMI-gasketed front panels, and twisted pair cables. Weighing 56 lb, solid seam-welded aluminum unit measures 17 x 25 x 19 in., contains floating card cage with dampening clips for extra insulation, and is surrounded by 4 banks of looped cable isolators. Unit allows up to 6 high CFM fans for full-system convection cooling.

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One Stop Systems Introduces Ruggedized System for Military Airborne Applications

o Fully integrated, ruggedized enclosure supports 3U, 6U, CPCI, and VME backplanes
o Shock-resistant, EMI-shielded chassis made of solid seam-welded aluminum
o Convection cooled with six-fan, high CFM cooling system

ESCONDIDO, Calif., Nov. 14, 2006 -- One Stop Systems introduces its highly-ruggedized system enclosure for military and airborne applications. Constructed of solid seam-welded aluminum, the 11U high enclosure measures 19" (H) x 25" (D) x 17" (W) and weighs 56 pounds. It contains a 3U 15-slot CPCI backplane and features a "floating" card cage that sits within the enclosure and is surrounded by four banks of looped cable isolators. Dampening clips in the card cage guides provide additional insulation to ensure reliability and performance under the harshest of conditions. The chassis is fully customizable and allows rack-slides for any combination of boards and backplanes.

The enclosure suppresses electromagnetic interference from both within and without. EMI suppression can be found in such features as EMI honeycomb filters over the air intake and exhaust, perforated EMI and baffle plates surrounding the card cage, EMI-gasketed front panels, twisted pair EMI-shielded cables, and even specially coated EMI lenses for the LEDs. CompactPCI backplanes have also been designed to suppress EMI emissions.

The enclosure supports up to six high CFM cooling fans that provide full-system convection cooling. AC power is supplied through an EMI-shielded AC receptacle at the rear of the chassis, wired via a Teflon-insulated cable to the AC circuit breaker at the front of the chassis. This AC breaker, insulated by an EMI cover, functions as the main power switch to the system. Similarly, each I/O connector is shielded.

"One Stop Systems' ruggedized CPCI enclosure was designed to take on the harshest environmental conditions and was specifically constructed for military applications," said Steve Cooper, CEO. "Designed to accommodate a fully integrated, customizable system including One Stop Systems' Sysmon II monitoring board, the enclosure offers optimal system performance and reliability within a EMI-shielded, solid seam welded chassis."

The ruggedized enclosure lists for $37,500 and is available immediately.

About One Stop Systems

One Stop Systems designs and manufactures ruggedized computing systems for military and security applications. These include convection and conduction cooled ATRs that support standard and custom VME and PCI backplanes. We offer responsive service, the highest quality design and manufacturing, and on-time delivery. For more information, contact our sales department toll free at (877) GET-CPCI.

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