System combines product security and traceability.

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Combining SECUTAG® counterfeit-proof micro color-code system with barcodes, RFID, or data-matrix traceability codes, System Solution enables products to be traced and tested for originality. Micro color-code particles are detectable under microscope or automatic reader. Each producer has unique color-code, which is also accepted as evidence by international courts, serving global defense of industrial property rights and supporting fight against unjustified damage claims.

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New System Solution for Product Security

Traceability goes anti-counterfeit

For the first time, product security and traceability are united in one single system solution. Product piracy being the cause of more and more losses and risks for producers and consumers, both the protection and the traceability of products are topics not to be ignored.

Nottuln/Germany, 17.03.2008. The worldwide smallest counterfeit-proof micro colour-code particles SECUTAG® protect branded products against forgery. Barcodes, RFID or data-matrix codes have established themselves in the area of product traceability. For the first time, the German company 3S Simons Security Systems GmbH now launches a new system solution that combines the counterfeit-proof micro colour-code system SECUTAG® with the logistic benefits of the different well-tried traceability codes. Both types of codes are conjointly applicable to the same product, its primary or secondary packaging, its label or seal. Additionally, the system is very user-friendly as
far as product controlling is concerned. Producers, suppliers and consumers alike are able to trace their products and test them for originality.

The data-matrix-code, for example, can be user-defined and contain information like product code, EAN-code, producer initials, manufacturing date, batch number and serial number. The product-ID is scanned and its content checked and matched with the information provided in the database.

Even if the data and the information in the database coincide, the originality of the product is not guaranteed. In case the notice shows that the product has already been verified, it will most probably be a counterfeit. Through the marking with SECUTAG®, its authenticity can be double-checked immediately.

The micro colour-code particles are detectable under a simple microscope or automatic reader. The identification of a product as original is absolutely secure, each producer having a unique colour-code which is also accepted as evidence by international courts, serving global defence of industrial property rights and supporting the fight against unjustified damage claims.

SECUTAG® has remained forgery-proof for more than a decade. The costefficient
integration into any kind of production line is easily accomplished.

The combination of the colour-code with different traceability systems also
covers the entire distribution channel as well as the materials logistics. "The
customer has a consistent instrument with which he can integrate, record and
verify all data from production to sales", says Rolf Simons from 3S.

For further information on product security and on SECUTAG®: 3S Simons Security Systems GmbH, Nicole Golomb, Lise-Meitner-Strasse 6, D-48301 Nottuln/Germany, Tel. +49 2502-23 33-0, Fax +49 2502-23 33-33 or visit

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