System automatically maintains trailer tire pressure.

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TIREMAAX® provides responsive tire inflation system that taps trailer air supply to maintain tire pressure at preset level. Governed by electronic control unit, system detects low tire pressure and signals operator to situations or circumstances requiring attention. It responds by directing air from trailer tank to one or more tires when inflation pressure dips below pre-set level. Hoses feature braided stainless steel jackets and larger barrels for fitting connectors.

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Tiremaax(TM) Provides a Simple Solution for Trailer Tire Pressure Dilemmas

CANTON, OHIO - Hendrickson's new TIREMAAX(TM) pumps tip durability in a value-enhancing option for automatic trailer tire pressure maintenance.

Fleet managers and owner operators continue to struggle with finding ways to maintain proper tire inflation. Many automatic systems have proven to be extremely complex, costly and sometimes unreliable.

An option for INTRAAX® and VANTRAAX® trailer suspension systems, TIREMAAX provides a responsive tire inflation system that taps the trailer air supply to maintain tire inflation up to a preset level.

With component upgrades to enhance strength, durability and efficiency, the affordable TIREMAAX helps fleets and owner operators in their efforts to minimize costly tire wear and improve productivity and fuel mileage.

TIREMAAX nearly doubles the size of the hubcap tee fitting compared to earlier connectors. High-stress areas received added material for a stouter cross section and more generous radii. An added guard around the tee fitting protects it during tire removal and reduces potential damage from improperly using the wheel hub as a step.

Premium hoses feature braided stainless steel jackets and larger barrels for fitting connectors. Hendrickson improved the seal structure for the tee connections providing redundant sealing faces to help maintain leak-free fittings.

Governed by an electronic control unit (ECU), the system detects low tire pressure and signals the operator to situations or circumstances requiring attention. It responds by directing air from the trailer tank to the one or more tires when the inflation pressure dips below the pre-set level.

With TIREMAAX, air travels from the supply tank through air lines inside the axle to the wheel ends. A bolt-in, ball-bearing rotary union allows air to flow through the axle spindle to the rotating hubcap fitting, and hoses connect the hubcap tee to the tires.

A double set of ball bearings allows the rotary union seal to run cooler and truer, extending seal life.

TIREMAAX activates only when needed - constant air pressurization to the tires is not required. This reduces air demand and prolongs system and seal life.

A signal light, designed to be installed in view of the driver, notifies the operator to system status and maintenance requirements. Check valves help prevent tire pressure loss back through the systen. Manual fill and pressure checks may be accomplished at the hose ends.

An optional hand-held programmer- featuring a 32-character display adjusts tire pressure settings. This convenient maintenance tool reprograms target pressure to settings from 70 to 130 psi in five-psi increments.

The hand-held unit also eliminates guesswork in troubleshooting with convenient system-check routines.

TIREMAAX delivers the solution for the number one cause of trailer road breakdowns - tire flats and failures. Tires account for approximately 50 percent of total maintenance expenses. Statistics verify that tires are second only to fuel in trailer operating costs, according to industry sources.

Even properly maintained tires are subject to potential air loss through regular use, punctures, road hazards and changes in weather.

From both productivity and cost perspectives, truckers live daily with the pitfalls of improper tire inflation: reductions in tire tread life, increased rolling resistance, which burns more fuel, reduced casing life, and poor ride and handling, to name a few.

The latest option in Hendrickson's READY-TO-ROLL® (RTR®) family, TIREMAAX may be combined with any of an extensive array of INTRAAX and VANTRAAX wheel-end configurations. TIREMAAX is covered by U.S. and foreign patents, other patents pending.

For additional information about the cost effective TIREMAAX, contact Hendrickson International, Trailer Suspension Systems, Canton, Ohio, toll free at 866-RIDEAIR (743-3247).

Hendrickson International is one of the largest global suppliers of truck and tractor suspensions, trailer suspensions, lift, trailer and steer axles, springs, and bumpers to the commercial transportation industry. Headquartered in Woodridge, Ill., Hendrickson has been meeting the needs of the transportation industry for more than 90 years. Visit the Hendrickson website at

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