System allows on-site maintenance of automatic welders.

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Pro Service System uses indication panel that is housed on rear side of power supply. Control panel is equipped with 4 rows of LED's which indicate state of individual internal supplies, fuses, and components in power supply. Main supply voltage to control panel is also monitored and separate voltage is used to control 1 LED that indicates if board supply is at fault.

Original Press Release:

Pro Service System

Orbimatic GmbH, the manufacturers of high quality automatic welding equipment have further enhanced their range of equipment with the introduction of PSS (Pro Service System) to their ORBIMAT 165C Basic.

PSS is a revolutionary system which makes on-site operator maintenance a reality fore the first time. The system uses a special indication panel which is housed on the rear side of the power supply.

This control panel is equipped with four rows of LED's which indicate the sate of the individual internal supplies, fuses and components in the power supply. By simply looking at the control board the operator can establish whether all fuses are intact and that all supply voltages are correct.

If an LED shows a fault in the system, the operator can very quickly identify the problem and then simply exchange the defective component. Even the main supply voltage to the control panel is monitored and a separate voltage is used to control one LED to indicate that the board supply is at fault.

The ORBIMAT 165C Basic is also designed for the future with a carefully developed housing which makes it a simple operation to get to any component in the power supply should parts need to be replaced in the future.

Orbimatic have given a great deal of thought to this market leading new power supply and the unique features do not stop at the service system.

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