Syringe Pump offers electrically silent operation.

Press Release Summary:

Suited for isolated environments, Physio 22 accepts range of syringes from 0.5 µl to 140 ml, allowing flow rates of 0.002 µl/hr to 55.1 ml/hr. Unit provides pulseless flow and accuracy of ±0.35% with no radio frequency interference or electromagnetic field interference.

Original Press Release:

New Physio 22 Syringe Pump

Harvard Apparatus's most published syringe pump just got better!

A new motor renders the Physio 22 Syringe Pump electrically silent.

The Physio 22 Syringe Pump is perfect for use in any isolated environment; it can be operated even inside a Faraday cage.

No Radio Frequency Interference!

No Electromagnetic Field Interference!

No Noise!

The Physio 22 Syringe Pump accepts a wide range of syringes (sizes from 0.5 microliter to 140 ml), making possible extremely low flow (0.002 microliters per hour) to exceptionally fast flow rates (55.1 milliliters per minute.)

This NEW model delivers fluids with the highest accuracy (± 0.35%) and pulseless flow you expect from all Harvard Apparatus pumps.

Ideal for experiments where silence is golden!

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