Synthetic Fluids offer oxidative stability.

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SpectraSyn(TM) synthetic polyalphaolefin basestocks feature viscosity ranges between 2-100 cSt at 100°C, and provide lubrication capabilities for car and diesel engines, gear boxes, and industrial applications. SpectraSyn Ultra(TM) Hi VI PAO products exceed 100 cSt viscosity. Synesstic(TM) AN Blendstock consists of API Group V category fluids manufactured to deliver hydrolytic, thermal and oxidative stability. Esterex(TM) ester basestocks are used in demanding applications.

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New Brands Highlight Synthetics Products for Lubricant Formulators

HOUSTON (Date) -- ExxonMobil Chemical, the world's leading supplier and marketer of synthetic basestocks, is improving and branding its polyalphaolefin (PAO) basestock products while expanding its comprehensive line of synthetic fluids.

SpectraSyn(TM) is the new name for both low- and high-viscosity ExxonMobil Chemical PAO products. These synthetic basestocks offer performance advantages over mineral oils, including better low-temperature properties, low volatility, and improved thermal and oxidative stability. SpectraSyn(TM) low-viscosity products feature lower Total Acid Numbers (TAN) and lower Bromine Numbers than previous products marketed under the ExxonMobil SHF name.

SpectraSyn(TM) products feature viscosity ranges between 2 and 100 cSt at 100°C, and provide superior lubrication capabilities for a variety of synthetic lubricants, including those for passenger car and heavy-duty diesel engines, transmissions, gear boxes and industrial applications.

"Branding our synthetic products helps our lubricant formulator customers identify them more easily and, we hope, underscores the value we believe they can have in customer applications," says Tony Giaquinto, global marketing manager, Synthetics, ExxonMobil Chemical. "The improvements in the SpectraSyn(TM) line, in particular, demonstrate ongoing efforts to help lubricant formulators continuously enhance their products."

High Viscosity Index (VI) ExxonMobil Chemical PAO products, with viscosities exceeding 100 cSt, are now named SpectraSyn Ultra(TM) Hi VI PAO.

Another member of the ExxonMobil Chemical branded synthetics family is Synesstic(TM) AN Blendstock, a unique class of API Group V category fluids manufactured to deliver improved hydrolytic, thermal and oxidative stability compared with other Group V fluids. When used as a blendstock with other synthetic fluids such as SpectraSyn(TM) PAO, Synesstic(TM) AN products can enhance the stability and performance of many industrial and automotive lubricants in extreme and routine conditions.

Completing the company's line of brand synthetic fluids are Esterex(TM) ester basestocks, used in demanding applications such as automotive, textile, industrial, aviation turbine, compressor lubricants and personal care products.

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