Synchronization Software syncs multiple PCs and Macs.

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With Switch & Sync(TM), users of multiple devices can automatically keep all files up-to-date over air or across cable without limitations of sync container like Dropbox or SugarSync. Program supports Mac-to-Mac, PC-PC, and PC-Mac synchronization. Users define what to sync rather than copying files to separate folders to be shared across multiple devices, including computers, tablets, smartphones, and similar devices.

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Laplink® Unveils New Technology to Reshape Category

New technology promises users will never be without their data no matter what computer or device they are using.

BELLEVUE, Wash., -- Laplink Software, Inc. today announced enhanced sync technology with a promise to "reinvent sync." Laplink also released the first product based on this technology, Laplink Switch & Sync(TM) making it easier than ever to sync multiple PCs and Macs. Also included is a free transfer utility to automatically switch from a PC to a Mac, the only software of its kind.

Laplink's new sync technology will allow users of multiple devices to automatically keep all files up-to-date over the air or across a cable without the limitations of a "sync container" like Dropbox or SugarSync. The new interface provides a streamlined user experience across all computers, tablets, smartphones and similar devices.

Unlike other software, Laplink's technology is a complete sync solution. Users define what to sync rather than copying files to separate folders to be shared across multiple devices. This approach allows for a seamless experience and ensures the user is in complete control at all times.

"We have seen a boom in electronic devices over the past year and expect this trend will accelerate," commented Laplink CTO Jack Wilson. "Laplink has always been synonymous with synchronization with multiple patents granted for sync-related technology over the past 20 years. Now we are reinventing sync for the current generation of devices and user scenarios."

To start with, supported platforms include Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and Windows Phone 7 but Laplink plans to add a universal sync function for compatibility with cameras, mp3 players and even TVs. Plus, there will be a "cloud-sync" option to provide users with even more freedom and accessibility.

The now-available version of Switch & Sync is the easiest way to sync or switch from a PC to a Mac® and includes these new features:

-- New interface for improved user experience

-- Mac-to-Mac synchronization (in addition to PC-PC and PC-Mac)

-- Ability to manage sync jobs from a PC or a Mac

-- Technology enhancements for increased sync efficiency

-- Improved capability for smarter file transfers when switching from PC to Mac

Laplink has been an industry leader in synchronization and file transfer since its inception in 1983. More recently, Laplink has been known for PCmover, the number-one best selling migration solution in the world.

"We will continue to be the leader in migration and we intend to reestablish Laplink as the leader in sync," explained Laplink CEO Thomas Koll. "Now is the time to bring our enhanced sync technology to market. Our new release of Switch & Sync is just the first step, providing the most complete solution to not only switch from PC to Mac and keep them synchronized, but to sync between Macs or PCs as well."

As part of the launch, Laplink Switch & Sync is available for under $20 (50% discount) until July 7 at The software is also available at most major software retailers in the US, Canada and Europe.

About Laplink Software, Inc.

For nearly 30 years, Laplink has been the global leader in PC migration, file transfer, synchronization and remote access. Its innovative products and technology allow for the fastest file transfers and synchronization as well as protect users from data loss and identity theft. The privately-held company was founded in 1983 and is headquartered in Bellevue, Washington.

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