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SYLVANIA Product Used in One of TIME Magazine's 'Best Inventions of 2006'

North American Lighting Leader's Phosphors Help Illuminate CeeLite's LEC Panels

Danvers, Mass. (Dec. 18, 2006) - CeeLite's Light Emitting Capacitor (LEC) technology, named one of TIME Magazine's "Best Inventions of 2006," is powered by higher quality OSRAM SYLVANIA phosphors. Nominated by a team of writers and researchers, CeeLite's LEC panels were chosen for TIME Magazine's recent issue dedicated to the best inventions of the year. Past nominees include iTunes and Bluetooth.

CeeLite's LEC technology consists of printable, flexible, paper-thin film panels that can turn any surface into a light source. The LEC panels can be used for a wide range of indoor and outdoor signage, architectural and entertainment lighting applications including transit advertising, point of purchase signage, window display and studio and stage lighting.

"SYLVANIA's higher quality light-emitting phosphors provide CeeLite's LEC panels with the color and brightness necessary to make our product a platform technology that is destined to redefine the way lighting is used today," Gabrielle Santulli, marketing director, CeeLite, said. "Phosphors afford us the flexibility to turn any surface into a light source both indoors and outdoors for backlit applications such as advertising, street signage, consumer electronics, home decor and clothing," she added.

"SYLVANIA is proud to provide the phosphors used in CeeLite's LEC panels," Diane Seymour, business development manager, OSRAM SYLVANIA, said. "Being named one of the best inventions of 2006 by TIME Magazine is a testament not only to CeeLite's hard work and revolutionary thinking, but it also demonstrates the possibilities offered by SYLVANIA phosphors."

CeeLite's LEC panels are constructed by sandwiching SYLVANIA phosphors between two electrodes and screen printable, recycled compositions. The application of AC voltage generates a changing electrical field across the phosphors causing them to emit light.

With the help of SYLVANIA phosphors, CeeLite's LEC panels offer lighting solutions not possible with other technologies. CeeLite's LEC panels provide many features and benefits: as the panels are paper-thin, adding very little weight. The technology also offers 99 percent uniform surface illumination and energy savings by consuming little power and generating negligible heat.

Recent CeeLite applications include a massive interactive illuminated window display featuring Madonna at H&M's New York City flagship store, a sound-activated, illuminated drum set for the Red Hot Chili Peppers latest concert tour, the CNN Headline News set, Moog synthesizers, Firefly PC keyboards and Back-Lite(TM) jackets.

CeeLite, with phosphors by SYLVANIA, has transformed Thomas Edison's most famous invention into something even he wouldn't have been able to dream of. As one of the "Best Inventions of 2006," TIME Magazine has recognized that CeeLite's LEC technology has the ability to revolutionize the future of lighting. With the wide range of CeeLite's current applications, the future possibilities are endless, and may one day be the standard for home lighting.

OSRAM SYLVANIA is a leader in lighting solutions and specialty products that feature innovative design and energy saving technology. The company sells products for homes, businesses and vehicles primarily under the SYLVANIA brand name, and also under the OSRAM brand. Headquartered in Danvers, Mass., OSRAM SYLVANIA is the North American operation of OSRAM GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of Siemens AG. For more information, visit

About CeeLite:
Headquartered in Blue Bell, PA, CeeLite is the world's first commercial manufacturer of Light Emitting Capacitor (LEC) technology that is destined to redefine the way light is being used across industries. CeeLite illuminates the unexpected and creates new markets where lighting was previously impossible in addition to replacing traditional backlit applications. The company's LEC products provide flawless surface illumination as the result of major research and development engineering advancements. CeeLite's first product to market was the flat, flexible lightbulb, which ranges in size up to 3' x 6'. Typical applications include bus advertising, window signage and street intersection signage. For additional information, product samples or to locate an Authorized Distributor, please visit the CeeLite Web site at


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