Swivel Caster is designed for strength without kingpin.

Press Release Summary:

Commando, available with swivel seal for protection from contaminants, take repeated heavy side-load impacts without damage. Its 6 or 8 in. wheels come in solid elastomer, neoprene, urethane, semi-steel, or low-effort (LE) wheel materials. With load capacities from 500-1,300 lb, product features 2½ in. offset design with heavy-duty stamped and welded construction and offset double-row ball race with 3/8 and ¼ in. ball bearings.

Original Press Release:

Big Strides in Ergonomic Excellence Achieved by Commando 'Kingpinless' Caster from Darcor

September 27, 2004 - Commando, the new 'Kingpinless' swivel caster from Darcor, takes the heaviest of loads and moves them with ease. Fitted with the industry's easiest-rolling wheel, Commando enhances ergonomics and productivity through less starting force, lower rolling resistance and better stopping characteristics than any comparable caster.

Commando is an engineered solution to defeating the two principle enemies of casters: wear and friction. It has ergonomic and performance features that put it in a class of its own. Designed without a kingpin for strength and endurance, Commando is ideal for demanding and continuous applications or where ergonomic issues must be addressed. It fulfills all requirements for protecting loads from damage and workers from strain.

In most applications, on most equipment, Commando will never need to be replaced − it is that rugged. The wheel material may be specified according to the application and the floor surface. Available wheel materials include solid elastomer (SE & SX), neoprene (D), urethane (U), semi-steel (CI) and low-effort proprietary wheel material (LE).

The caster will take repeated heavy sideload impacts without suffering damage and is available with a swivel seal for enhanced protection from contaminants. It comes with 6" or 8" wheels. The 2 1/2" offset design prevents chatter at high speed and makes for an easier swivel.

Darcor is the supplier of choice to many automotive plants, which is where Commando is expected to find extensive use. It is also being targeted at all industrial facilities that place heavy demands on their material handling equipment, such as impact loading, heavy loads, use on towlines and imperfect floor surfaces.

With a heavy-duty stamped-and-welded construction, Commando incorporates a precision-machined top plate and swivel head. Its offset double-row ball race with 3/8" and 1/4" ball bearings comes with a grease nipple for easier lubrication. Load capacity per caster ranges from 500 to 1,300 pounds, depending on wheel size and type. In general, a solid elastomer wheel offers the highest capacity, while neoprene contends best with imperfect floors, chemicals and temperature extremes.

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