Switching Flowmeter can display BTUs/minute.

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Tracer® Switching Flowmeter incorporates programmable SPDT switch for connection to alarm or other peripheral equipment. Flow and temperature limits are programmed using on-screen menus. Rated to 1 A, 30 Vac/42 Vdc, unit is remotely powered by 8-28 Vdc via detachable cable in side of electronics housing. Connection sizes include 3/8, ¾, 1, 1½, and 2 in. NPT. Flow ranges start at 0-8 gpm and increase according to connection size up to 10-110 gpm.

Original Press Release:

The New Tracer® Switching Flowmeter Incorporates a Programmable SPDT Switch for Connection to an Alarm or Other Peripheral Equipment

The new Tracer® Switching Flowmeter incorporates a programmable SPDT switch for connection to an alarm or other peripheral equipment. The unit is programmed using on-screen menus to set high or low flow limits and/or high or low temperature limits. Any or all of the switch set points can be turned off or on and set to the desired switching point. In addition to flow and temperature readings, the LCD displays BTU's per minute. The Switching Tracer Flowmeter is remotely powered by 8 to 28VDC via a detachable cable in the side of the electronics housing. The switch is rated up to 1A, 30VAC/42VDC.

Wetted materials are nickel-plated brass, anodized aluminum, nylon, and stainless steel with a neodymium rotor magnet. Flow-sensing parts are corrosion-resistant and suitable for use with water and ethylene glycol mix. Operating temperature is 32 to 230°F (0 to 110°C). Connection sizes are 3/8", 3/4", 1", 1-1/2" and 2"NPT(F). Flow ranges start at 0 to 8gpm (0 to 30lpm) and increase according to connection size up to 10 to 110gpm (38 to 418lpm). Flow accuracy is +/-5% and repeatability is +/-3% based on the full scale of the range. Maximum pressure rating is 100psi. The Tracer Flowmeter may be line-mounted in any position; flow reading is bi-directional.

The Tracer Switching Flowmeter is suitable for use in injection molding machine cooling water loops, lube oil systems, blending systems, filter condition indicators, and varied applications requiring flow measurement of clean, non-viscous, chemically compatible process liquids. Please contact Burger & Brown Engineering, Inc. for more information, or visit the Smartflow web site at www.smartflow-usa.com.

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