Switches and MOSFETs conserve space in digital devices.

Press Release Summary:

Housed in Teeny(TM) SC70-6 package, MIC94060 and MIC94061 smart-load switches offer 0.100 Ohm on-resistance (max). Simple P-Channel MOSFETs MIC94052 and MIC94053 offer 0.084 Ohm (max) on-resistance and allow more than 2A continuous current. Simple 4-terminal, P-Channel MOSFETs housed in SOT143-4 package, MIC94050 and MIC94051 offer 0.160 Ohm (max) on-resistance. Housed in SC-70 package, MIC94060 and MIC94061 offer 100 milli-Ohm on-resistance (max).

Original Press Release:

World's Lowest On-Resistance SC-70 High Side Smart Switches and MOSFETs Save Space and Cost in Small Digital Devices

- 0.084-Ohms max on-resistance allows over 2A in the Teeny(TM) SC70-6 package
- built-in level shift allows smart switches to be driven by 1.5V logic
- slew-rate control, and fast load discharge save external components

SAN JOSE, Calif. - (July 24, 2002) - A new family of six P-channel Smart Switches and Simple MOSFETs with the world's lowest on-resistance, optimized for space-sensitive portable applications, are now available from Micrel Semiconductor (NASDAQ: MCRL), an industry leader in analog, power management and high-speed communications integrated circuits.

Smart Load Switches
Housed in Micrel's Teeny(TM) SC70-6 package, the MIC94060 and MIC94061 are smart-load switches with on-resistance of 0.077 Ohm (typ.) and 0.100 Ohm (max.). Low on-resistance allows these devices to support 2A of continuous current. Built-in level-shift circuitry allows a logic signal as low as 1.5V to drive the high-side MOSFET, which may be tied to a different power rail, such as a 3.6V Li Ion battery.

During turn-on, internal slew-rate control prevents in-rush currents from causing noisy glitches on the supply line. The MIC94061 features an output pull-down circuit that can quickly discharge a capacitive load when the switch is turned off. Together, these features eliminate up to 5 external components, saving valuable board space and placement cost.

Drawing only 2uA of quiescent current in the on state and less than 1uA of shutdown current in the off state, the MIC94060 and MIC94061 are ideal for such portable applications as cellular phones, PDAs, digital cameras, and notebook PCs.

Simple MOSFETs
The MIC94052 and MIC94053 are simple P-Channel MOSFETs with 0.070 Ohm (typ.) and 0.084 Ohm (max) on-resistance, housed in Micrel's SC70-6 package. The low on-resistance, the world's lowest for these type of devices, allows more than 2A of continuous current, with a small forward voltage drop. These devices are ideal for simple load switching in portable applications. The MIC94053 features an internal gate-to-source pull-up resistor that keeps the MOSFET in an off state until the gate is actively pulled down, saving valuable space and placement cost.

The MIC94050 and MIC94051 are simple 4-terminal P-Channel MOSFETs with 0.125 Ohm (typ.) and 0.160 Ohm (max) on-resistance, housed in Micrel's SOT143-4 package. The substrate is pinned-out in these devices, allowing the user access to the parasitic diode inherent in power MOSFETs. The 4-terminal configuration allows designers to use the devices in reverse-blocking applications, such as battery backup power supplies. Until now, designers have had to use two MOSFETs tied back-to-back to achieve reverse-blocking. The MIC94051 features an internal gate-to-source pull-up resistor.

"The MIC94060 and MIC94061 offer industry leading performance in a SC-70 package. Their 100 milli-Ohm maximum on-resistance is at least 20% lower than in most other discrete P-Channel MOSFETs in SC-70 packaging. Unlike discrete solutions, they offer a high level of integration that saves valuable board space and component placement cost," says Tony Grizelj, Micrel's marketing manager for power products.

"The MIC9405x series of simple FETs provides very low on-resistance with a high level of flexibility for designers. These new load switches will give portable device designers all they need to implement intelligent load switching in their power management circuitry," Grizelj says.

Package, Availability, Price
The MIC94052, MIC94053, MIC94060 and MIC94061 are available in Micrel's Teeny(TM) SC70-6 package. The MIC94050 and MIC94051 are housed in SOT143-4 packaging. They are priced at $0.46 each when purchased in 1,000-piece quantities. The MIC94052 and MIC94053 are priced at $0.38 when purchased in 1,000-piece quantities. The MIC94060 and MIC94061 are priced at $0.50 when purchased in 1,000-piece quantities. Samples are available from stock, and production quantities are stock to 12 weeks ARO.

Summary of Features & Applications:
MIC94060/1 Smart Load Switches and MIC94050/1/2/3 Simple Load Switches
- 1.8V to 5.5V input voltage range
- 0.084-Ohm (max.) on-resistance (MIC94052, MIC94053)
- 0.100-Ohm (max.) on-resistance (MIC94060, MIC94061)
- 2uA quiescent current (MIC94060, MIC94061)
- Teeny(TM) SC70-6 package (MIC94052, MIC94053, MIC94060, MIC94061)
- 0.160-Ohm (max.) on-resistance (MIC94050, MIC94051)
- Tiny SOT143-4 package (MIC94050, MIC94051)

- Cellular phones
- PDAs
- Digital cameras
- MP3 players
- Barcode scanners
- Notebooks PCs

Micrel Semiconductor is a leading manufacturer of advanced, high performance communications, clock management, Ethernet switch and physical layer transceiver, mixed signal, analog and power ICs. These products include devices for fiber-optic telecommunications and networking, cellular telephones, servers, portable computer systems, computer peripherals, process control systems, consumer electronics and power supplies.

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