SVGA Microdisplay Viewer Module is suited for viewfinders.

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Based on Z86D-3 liquid-crystal-on-silicon microdisplay, Brillian BR86M30-1SVGA turnkey optical module delivers full-color SVGA images with resolutions to 800 x 600 and brightness of 50 foot lamberts. Supporting image refresh rate of 120 Hz, image is free of flicker and color breakup. Module also includes illuminator, illumination optics, imaging optics, and mechanical housing. Device allows OEMs to deliver virtual 42 in. diagonal screen at 2 m in 0.6 oz package.

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Brillian Announces New SVGA Microdisplay Viewer Module for Video-Display Headsets and Viewfinders

Turnkey optical module is designed to deliver a performance and time-to-market edge

TEMPE, Ariz., May 25, 2004 - Brillian Corporation (NASDAQ: BRLC) today announced a new SVGA Microdisplay Viewer Module, the Brillian BR86M30-1SVGA. The turnkey optical module, based on Brillian's Z86D-3 liquid-crystal-on-silicon (LCoS*) microdisplay, delivers incredibly bright, full-color, high-resolution SVGA images.

The BR86M30-1 is designed for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) that are looking to enter the head-mounted display (HMD) or electronic viewfinder market, but have limited technical resources for optics development or budget constraints that make internal development difficult. In addition, Brillian offers ready-to-implement electrical reference designs for driving and illuminating the microdisplay.

The complete turnkey optical module includes a microdisplay, illuminator, illumination optics, imaging optics and mechanical housing. The lightweight, high-performance device allows OEMs to deliver a virtual 42-inch diagonal screen at two meters in a 0.6-ounce package. A 30-degree field of view, long eye relief (28mm), a large eye box (10mm x 8mm), and low distortion all provide outstanding viewing comfort for monocular, binocular and stereoscopic applications. Field sequential operation utilizes each of the 480,000 pixels for red, green, and blue - offering a true 800 x 600 image - for near home-theatre-quality viewing.

Brillian's high-resolution, LCoS* microdisplays provide a rich user experience by supporting a full range of content including text, graphics, multimedia, full-motion video and 3-D/stereoscopic content. The high brightness specification of 50 foot lamberts enables users to view content on the display outdoors, even in direct sunlight. Supporting a high image refresh rate of 120 Hz, the image is effectively free of flicker and color breakup, and its high fill factor of 93% delivers seamless images without the pixelation found in color filter-based transmissive and OLED-on-silicon displays, Brillian microdisplays are ideally suited to the unique demands of both HMD and electronic viewfinder applications. They operate in a wide temperature range (-20 to +70C) enabling both indoor and outdoor use, support long lifetimes (up to 175,000 hours MTTF), without degraded display performance, and offer low power consumption for portable applications.

"With the BR86M30-1 SVGA microdisplay module we offer our OEM customers a compelling advantage: the highest SVGA image quality and performance combined with an easy-to-integrate platform designed to provide both a performance and time-to-market edge," said Robert Melcher, chief technology officer, Brillian.

About Brillian Corporation

Brillian Corporation designs and develops rear-projection HDTVs targeted at retailers and their end-user customers looking for breakthrough performance and image quality that sets a benchmark in HDTV price/performance. The company is the first and only provider of Gen II LCoS* technology used in these products. In addition to its high-definition televisions, Brillian also offers a broad line of LCoS* microdisplay products and subsystems that original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) integrate into proprietary HDTV products, multimedia projectors, and near-to-eye products such as monocular and binocular headsets. Brillian's LCoS* microdisplay technologies address the market demand for a high-performance display solution with high image fidelity, high-resolution scalability, and high contrast ratios. The company's website is

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