Suspension Relief Ladder helps fall victims awaiting rescue.

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When worker slips while wearing fall protection, Suspension Relief Ladder can help delay onset of suspension trauma by keeping blood actively circulating. Ladder comes packed into Velcro-closed wrap. When worker falls, he/she deploys ladder, which is independently attached to harness's D-ring. Worker then places feet into webbing rungs and leans back, bringing legs into more horizontal position. After use, ladder can be re-packed and re-used.

Original Press Release:

Hy-Safe Suspension Relief Ladder Helps Fall Victims While Awaiting Rescue

When a worker slips while wearing fall protection, he or she will be saved from injury. But then the need to rescue them quickly becomes the next problem, to save them from the impending suspension trauma caused by hanging vertically without being able to raise their legs.

The new Hy-Safe Suspension Relief Ladder helps a suspended worker raise their legs to a horizontal position, which can help delay the onset of suspension trauma by keeping the blood actively circulating.

The Suspension Relief Ladder comes packed into a Velcro-closed wrap. When a worker falls, he or she deploys the suspension relief ladder, which is independently attached to the harness's D-ring. They then place their feet into the webbing "rungs" and lean back, bringing the legs into a more horizontal position. The higher the legs can be positioned, the better the chance of keeping the blood circulating.

After use, the Suspension Relief Ladder can be re-packed and re-used.

Hy-Safe Technology is a turnkey fall protection provider. They specialize in engineered systems as well as portable fall protection, and offer a wide range of soft goods and material-only equipment. For more information visit

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