Surveillance Software offers GIS map-based tracking.

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Able to detect and classify land- and water-based intrusions, PureActiv v8.0 offers complete wide area command and control solution. Features such as intelligent video analytics, object classification, alarm processing, and policy-based response promotes intrusion awareness, while included access control system interfaces, intrusion sensor interfaces, and analog/IP camera and encoder drivers facilitate system adoption.

Original Press Release:

PureTech Systems Releases PureActiv 8.0

New Software Release Provides Clients with Advanced Situational Awareness Through Intelligent Video Analytics and GIS Mapped Based Object Tracking

PHOENIX, Ariz. -- PureTech System Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Pure Technologies Ltd. (TSX-V: PUR) and a leading manufacturer of wide-area video surveillance solutions, today announced the next release of its PureActiv Wide Area Surveillance software. PureActiv 8.0 features the next level of cutting edge command and control, video analytics and mapped based intrusion awareness that customers have come to expect from PureActiv.

A subset of features being introduced with PureActiv 8.0 includes improved GIS map based tracking for both land and water based intrusions, object classification, new behaviors such as loitering and wrong direction, multi-floor user-interface navigation, and enhanced NVR features. Additionally, PureTech Systems continues in its tradition of having a robust 3rd party integration program as is evident with the multitude of new access control system interfaces, intrusion sensor interfaces, and new analog and IP camera and encoder drivers that are available in PureActiv 8.0.

"PureActiv is unique in the fact that it brings the customer a complete wide area command and control solution: intuitive IP camera control, intelligent video analytics, geo-spatial map-based object tracking, object classification, alarm processing and policy based response," states Larry Bowe, president of Phoenix-based PureTech Systems. "PureActiv 8.0 continues in that same tradition, providing advanced features, all of which are internally developed, which allows us to quickly respond to our customers' needs."

One of the key features included in the new PureActiv release is object classification. Classification analyzes objects within a video scene and "classifies" them into their appropriate object group, such as car, truck, human, small craft, large craft, etc. The objects are then displayed dynamically as an icon on a geo-spatial map, at the correct geographic location. The system delivers with a database of pre-defined objects, but it can also learn new objects, based on the customer's specific application.

"The ability to accurately classify an object is a critical element in providing situational awareness to our customers," explains Eric Olson, PureTech director of product management. "The more information we can provide the client as to the nature and characteristic of the threat, the better equipped they are to effectively react and resolve the situation."

About PureTech Systems Inc.
PureTech Systems Inc. is a leading manufacturer of wide-area surveillance solutions for Fortune 1000 firms, utilities, ports, schools, prisons and federal, state and local governments. With headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona, PureTech Systems serves national and international markets. PureTech's premier security solution is PureActiv(TM), an automated outdoor surveillance system incorporating innovative geographic map presentations, advanced object detection and tracking, fence intrusion detection, automated camera steering, scalable video distribution, and automated security policy response. Together, this technology provides world-class situational awareness and proactive management to address critical security threats. Using PureActiv's interactive interface, operators can program PureActiv to account for certain control parameters, such as speed, size and shape, and tag specific areas of concern. The PureActiv system identifies when designated security parameters have been violated, notifies security personnel with an alarm, tracks and records the intrusion and provides operators with the information they need to orchestrate an appropriate emergency response.

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