Surveillance IP Camera features embedded RTU monitoring.

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Once triggered by contact closure or timed interval, SiteMON IP G2 captures and archives several frames/second to record important events. Users can monitor remote sites or areas anywhere in their network in real-time via web browser. With SiteMON IP, users can also make security decisions remotely, allowing for dispatch of on-call staff, security, or police. Receiving 24/7 intruder notifications will boost individual site protection, and ultimately, entire network.

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DPS Telecom Releases New Surveillance IP Camera with Embedded RTU Monitoring Features

FRESNO, Calif., Nov. 20 /-- DPS Telecom, a leading provider of network alarm monitoring solutions, announced today the release of the SiteMON IP G2, a new IP-based surveillance camera/RTU hybrid - the latest in their line of remote site monitoring products. The camera, once triggered by a contact closure (ex. a motion sensor) or timed interval, captures and archives several frames each second to record important events.

Telecom, utility, and other companies have expensive revenue-generating equipment deployed at every one of their network sites, so it's critically important to monitor the physical security of remote sites. This is especially true for anyone who's ever been the victim of copper theft, vandalism, or other intrusions.

It's also important to remember that the cost of repairing or replacing equipment is often trivial compared to the revenue loss caused by an outage. A simple camera placed in the right spot could make the difference between catching the criminal in the act and losing hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue during a major outage.

With the SiteMON IP camera in place, users can monitor remote sites or areas anywhere in their network in real time. It's easy to see who's on the other side of the door before granting access. These capabilities are important parts of effective building management, especially at unmanned sites. Receiving 24/7 intruder notifications will dramatically boost individual site protection, and ultimately, the entire network.

The new SiteMON IP offers the ability to make security decisions remotely, allowing for the dispatch of on-call staff, security, or even police. Users can easily monitor live and archived images using the built-in web browser interface.

When SiteMON IP units are used in conjunction with the T/Mon NOC master station, DPS clients gain advanced functionality. "Trigger events" cause images to be archived automatically for later review. These trigger events can be any alarm on an attached NetGuardian RTU or the local alarms inputs on the SiteMON IP itself.

The new SiteMON IP is also compatible with the T/GFX graphical user interface (GUI). With T/MonGFX, it's possible to view live images directly from each SiteMON IP. Simply click on the appropriate icon for the desired camera from the site-floor-plan screen. Each window will refresh at user-defined intervals.

Images that are automatically archived by T/Mon are also viewable using the same interface - with tools like playback, step-through, saving, and more.

One example of how the SiteMON IP mitigates site intrusion starts with a simple discrete alarm. Imagine this: A user receives notification of a door alarm or motion sensor. An automatic relay command on a NetGuardian RTU turns on lights at this site immediately - without any human intervention required. This event also triggers the SiteMON IP to capture the images, which are archived by T/Mon.

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