Surveillance Cameras include embedded video analytics.

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Integrating Video Analytics Engine and ObjectVideo(TM) analytics software, MultiStream(TM) CVQ-2500 box and CVQ-3500 dome cameras monitor numerous simultaneous video feeds, as well as detect, identify, classify, and track objects, and issue automatic alerts. Units employ megapixel, progressive scan sensor to capture HD resolution forensic quality video and offer 16:9 aspect ratio. Distributed IP system architecture consumes zero bandwidth for processing of analytics-generated alerts.

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CoVi Technologies Announces Two New High-Definition Video Surveillance Cameras With Embedded Video Analytics

AUSTIN, Texas, March 28 /-- CoVi Technologies today announced two high-definition video cameras with embedded video analytics -- intelligent software technology that automates the process of monitoring and analyzing video information. The new CoVi CVQ-2500 and CVQ-3500 MultiStream(TM) cameras provide security professionals with a powerful new tool in their arsenal to improve video surveillance effectiveness while minimizing personnel requirements and human error.

Constant threats to the security of commercial and governmental facilities have pushed the limits of conventional video security solutions. The increasing need for 24/7 surveillance has put security professionals in the precarious position of having hundreds or thousands of video cameras in place, but not nearly enough trained personnel to monitor them all. CoVi's video analytics-enabled system automates the monitoring process to dramatically improve security effectiveness and efficiency, while minimizing the impact on network infrastructure.

The new CoVi CVQ-2500 box and CVQ-3500 dome cameras are designed for CoVi's flagship Crystal HD(TM) video surveillance system. Both cameras integrate a dedicated Video Analytics Engine (VAE) and intelligent ObjectVideo(TM) analytics software to monitor numerous simultaneous video feeds, as well as detect, identify, classify and track objects, and issue automatic alerts so that immediate action can be taken, if necessary. CoVi's HD video surveillance system provides up to 12 times higher-quality video resolution than standard definition systems to improve analytics processing and monitoring by security personnel. The CoVi system also minimizes false alarms and delivers faster response times to security events than conventional solutions.

In addition, CoVi's distributed IP system architecture dramatically reduces the processing requirements of conventional server-based video surveillance systems, consuming zero bandwidth for the processing of analytics-generated alerts.

"A video camera is essentially an extra set of eyes, but without a human being on the other end to interpret what the camera sees, cameras and recorders become strictly reactive devices," said CoVi president and CEO, Barry Walker. "The problem becomes an order of magnitude greater as the number of cameras in the facility increases. Video analytics acts as the 'brain,' dramatically increasing the functionality of a surveillance system, freeing the security personnel to interact with people and situations, instead of staring at monitors. Video analytics, coupled with CoVi's high definition video, makes for an unbeatable surveillance system."

The new CoVi cameras capture HD resolution (1280 x 720) video and offer a wide 16:9 aspect ratio, which provides 30 percent greater field-of-view coverage than standard 4:3 video. Video is analyzed in real time prior to compression for greater accuracy and fewer false alarms compared with traditional server-based systems. The embedded video analytics software generates real-time alerts when predetermined rules, such as a person crossing a virtual tripwire or an object disappearing from an area of interest, are violated.

Key features of the CVQ-2500 and CVQ-3500 cameras include:
-- Superior video quality -- The cameras employ a megapixel, progressive scan sensor to capture HD resolution forensic quality video with superior dynamic range
-- Open, Upgradeable Platform -- Available with industry leading ObjectVideo software, the VAE is remotely upgradeable, providing investment protection for future advances in video analytics algorithms.
-- Edge-based video analytics -- Zero bandwidth consumption for processing video analytics; up to 20 times less rack space and processing requirements compared with traditional server-based systems
-- Pre-compression analytics -- Utilizes raw video from sensor without compression artifacts; provides lower false alarm rates and faster response rates than server-based systems
-- Truly scalable -- Up to 80 separate sensors per 1U server
-- MultiStream technology -- Up to six different rates and resolutions of video may be transmitted simultaneously, allowing a choice of video formats suitable to the situation and need; supports simultaneous MPEG-4 and JPEG streams

CoVi's new cameras are optimized for its flagship Crystal HD system, the world's only high-definition, distributed, IP-based video surveillance system. Crystal HD is based on CoVi's Security Camera Area Network (SCAN(TM)) architecture, which encodes and stores video at the IP network edge to provide unparalleled performance and reliability. Crystal HD's unique distributed architecture is a dramatic departure from the legacy centralized CCTV topology, and maximizes quality and functionality while minimizing network usage. Crystal HD integrates cameras, Distributed Media Managers (DMMs) and monitoring and management software to provide unparalleled performance and reliability.

All CoVi CVQ series cameras connect to an IP network via CoVi DMMs. Each camera/DMM pair acts as a single intelligent node and can be accessed, monitored and administered using the Crystal HD Surveillance Suite software.

About CoVi Technologies
CoVi Technologies builds complete video surveillance solutions that transcend the capabilities of today's CCTV products. Through the innovative application of High Definition (HD) video technologies, CoVi provides dramatically improved image quality and operational flexibility that delivers maximum protection of personnel and assets. CoVi is the only US based manufacturer to approach high definition video solutions from a total system perspective, including optics, image processing, IP networking and display technologies. The result: extraordinarily powerful solutions that meet the needs of today's world-wide security community. For more information visit

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