Surgical Lamp offers high-intensity light in compact package.

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Available in 5.8 x 3.5 x 2.8 in. portable package weighing 2.2 lb, LumitexMD(TM) BRICK medical grade light source uses 24 W Solarc® high-intensity arc lamp to provide white light for surgical site visualization. Unit comes with ACMI connector, common international power plugs, and mounting clamp for attachment to IV pole or surgical table accessory side rail. Light source can be used in combination with LightMat®, VersaLight®, or headlight in surgical centers.

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New "Brick" Surgical Light Source from LumitexMD(TM) Provides High-Intensity Light in Compact, Portable Package

Strongsville, OH, August 2008 - The new LumitexMD "BRICK" medical grade light source from Lumitex Medical Devices, Inc. provides bright white light for excellent surgical site visualization in a small, portable, cost-efficient package.

Using a 24 watt Solarc® high-intensity arc lamp, the BRICK provides white light (5,500° K) in a very small package measuring 5.8" X 3.5" X 2.8", with a light weight of 2.2 lbs (including power supply). It is ideal in combination with LightMat®, VersaLight®, or a headlight in surgical centers where space and cost are key factors.

The Brick's optical design provides more than half the brightness of a typical 300 watt Xenon light source, at about one-quarter of the cost. "We wanted to provide a more compact and lower-cost alternative to the larger and more expensive systems in the market today," said Peter Broer, President of LumitexMD. "The Brick is a practical alternative for doctor's offices and surgical suites especially for outpatient surgical procedures."

The Brick uses a standard ACMI connector. A mounting clamp available from LumitexMD enables the BRICK to be easily attached to either an IV Pole or a surgical table accessory side rail. LumitexMD's clamp mounting system locks the BRICK onto a small shelf and then clamps it securely to the IV Pole or surgical table. The mounting system's unique design allows the mounting plate to be rotated so that the BRICK is always in the correct operating orientation on either IV Pole or surgical table. This system helps stabilize the unit and make it versatile enough for use in the OR, SurgiCenter, or a doctor's office.

The Brick is available with common international power plugs. Also, it can be used by surgeons traveling on mission, with an attachment that connects it to a 12 volt car battery.

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