Surge Suppressors come in different sizes.

Press Release Summary:

Metal Oxide Varistor types are engineered with voltage ranges from 18 to 18,000 V and up to 15,000 W. SMD Varistors are available with voltages from 36 to 120 V. Gas Discharge Tubes function up to 500 V and have current ratings to 1,000 A. Units operate without generating significant heat, and maintain voltage levels. Transorb Transient Voltage Suppressors possess voltage clamping of 1.2 at 50% of peak power, ac/dc operation, and 5 µA idling current.

Original Press Release:

High Reliability Surge Suppressors

Kenilworth, NJ, November 2001 . An extensive range of Metal Oxide Varistors, Gas Discharge Tubes and "Transorb" Transient Voltage Suppressors are among a number of high reliability surge protection devices now available from Ventronics, Inc.

The Metal Oxide Varistor types are engineered in 7 sizes ranging from 5 to 20 mm with voltage ranges from 18V to 18,000V and up to 15,000 Watts. These surge supressors provide quick
response to rapidly rising surges along with high performance clamping characteristics. A series of 25mm to 40mm high energy Varistors are also offered. SMD Varistors are available in sizes from 0603 to 1210 with voltages from 36V to 120V.

The Gas Discharge Tubes function up to 500Volts and have current ratings to 1,000 amps. Clamping action is typically "crowbar" and case types are supplied with axial or radial leads. The units operate without generating any significant heat and maintain voltage levels regardless of
discharge current. They are manufactured using non-radioactive processes and operate per ITU standards.

Rounding out this surge suppressor selection is a variety of "Transorb" Transient Voltage Suppressors possessing high surge current capabilities; voltage clamping of 1.2 at 50% of peak power; AC/DC operation; and low idling current of 5µ Amps. Maximum operating power, depending on type, is 500mW; 1W; and 3W.

Metal Oxide Varistor prices range from $0.03 each for 5mm sizes and $0.14 each for 20mm units. SMD Varistor prices start at $0.15 each, in bulk quantities. High Energy Varistor prices are based on custom specifications. Gas Discharge Tube prices range from $0.30 each, depending upon voltage while the "Transorb" Transient Voltage Suppressors range from $0.10
each to $0.30 each for higher values. Delivery is 3 to 4 weeks, ARO.

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