Surge Protector offers protection from Category B surges.

Press Release Summary:

Unlike common surge suppressors that use fixed clamping voltage components, WVR-TSC(TM) is fully dynamic and operates over entire 85-265 V range. Non-MOV filters preserve ground wire integrity, helping to eliminate interference and damage. Because WVR-TSC cancels surge voltage at output, response time, clamping voltage, suppressed voltage, and max current rating are not relevant.

Original Press Release:

Groundbreaking Technology Totally Eliminates Damaging Power Line Surge Energy

WVR-TSC(TM) technology offers total protection from even the worst case category B surges.

Frenchtown, NJ (November 1, 2006) - Zero Surge®, a pioneer in surge suppression technology and leading manufacturer of power quality filters, today announced the launch of a new, groundbreaking technology known as WVR-TSC(TM) (Wide Voltage Range, Total Surge Cancellation). Offering unsurpassed power line protection that totally cancels damaging surge energy, TSC(TM) is set to reshape the surge protection industry by establishing never before seen levels of performance and endurance.

"TSC(TM) is truly a remarkable technology and directly reflects the forward-looking thinking of our advanced team of engineers," noted Rudy Harford, Chief Engineer of Zero Surge. "Considerable time and R&D was dedicated to this project and I couldn't be more pleased with the result and what we've been able to accomplish. When combined with Series Mode, TSC(TM) allows Zero Surge to offer its customers, with even the most sensitive and critical applications, the highest level of surge protection and added peace of mind," concluded Mr. Harford.

Because TSC(TM) cancels damaging surge voltage at the output, terms like response time, clamping voltage, suppressed voltage, let-through voltage, Joule rating, maximum current rating, etc., are not relevant. Also, unlike common surge suppressors which utilize fixed clamping voltage components, WVR-TSC(TM) is fully dynamic, as it can operate over the entire 85 to 265 volt range. Fixed clamping voltage components, such as sacrificial metal oxide varistors (MOVs), limit the functionality of surge suppressors, only allowing them to operate over a very narrow voltage range, typically +/- 10%. In addition, Zero Surge's non-MOV filters preserve ground wire integrity, which when used with sensitive equipment, can help eliminate unwanted and annoying interference and damage.

For over 17 years, Zero Surge's patented products have been providing unequalled, unfailing power line surge protection for numerous industries. Ranging from the convenient and economical 2R-Series, featuring two outlet units, to the more fully-featured 8R-Series, with eight outlets and a built-in circuit breaker to prevent overloading, Zero Surge power filters are rugged and built to withstand the most demanding electrical environments. Ensuring an added level of confidence, Zero Surge units are not sacrificial, will not wear out, and each one comes with a 10-year limited warranty and a Lifetime Service Agreement.

Zero Surge's WVR-TSC(TM) technology is protected under United States Patent #7,068,487 and is available for purchase by calling 1-800-996-6696. For more information on Zero Surge Inc., please visit

Zero Surge Inc. manufactures non-degrading power quality filters, certified by UL for safety, endurance and performance. In business since 1989, the company's patented filters eliminate the surge damage and equipment loss often experienced with sacrificial MOV (metal oxide varistor) type surge suppressors. Zero Surge Inc. has over 50 models accommodating a wide range of applications. Corporations, medical operations, universities, ocean vessels, the U.S. military and government, manufacturing plants, banks, utilities, and homeowners are just some of the customers relying on Zero Surge filters. The products do not contain sacrificial MOVs which wear out with use, can fail, and have caused fires.

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