Surge Protector Module features gas discharge tube.

Press Release Summary:

Model DS250VG, for single and 3-phase AC power lines, employs hybrid circuit and is tested to withstand 15 impulses at 15 ka 10/350 ms without degradation in clamp voltage. Suppression level at 500 A, 3 kA, and 10 kA 8/20 ms is below MOV-only devices. Unit can be deployed in harsh environments to protect against direct lightning strikes as well as microprocessor/controls applications. It provides real-time visual fault indication with remote alarm capability.

Original Press Release:

DS250VG - Next Generation AC Power Line Surge Protection Technology

Miami, FL - CITEL, INC. introduces the DS250VG protection module for single and three phase AC power line applications. CITEL component engineers have developed a specially designed Gas Discharge Tube (GDT) that is the key to this breakthrough device. The DS250VG employs a unique hybrid circuit (MOV-GDT) that combines brute force energy handling with the industry's tightest clamp voltage. Independently tested to withstand 15 impulses at 15ka 10/350ms without degradation in clamp voltage far exceeds the stringent NEMA LS-1 standard. Additionally, the suppression level at 500A (UL SVR), 3kA and 10kA 8/20ms is well below MOV-only devices.

The model DS250VG can be deployed in harsh environments to protect against direct lightning strikes (10/350ms) as well as in microprocessor/controls applications that require the lowest let-through levels for sensitive equipment. These protection modules provide real-time visual fault indication with remote alarm capability. Installed at the service entrance as integral protection for power distribution panels or in NEMA enclosures as stand-alone devices. The DS250VG meets the following standards, IEC 61643-11, ANSI/IEEE C62.41.2, NFC 61740-95, VDE0675-6 and carries the UL and CE marks.

CITEL -2CP is an international group established in 1937, specialized in Surge Voltage Protection (Protection against destructive overvoltages and transients created mainly by Lightning strikes or electrical disturbances). CITEL INC has its headquarters in Miami, Florida where it manufactures and markets products throughout North & South America.

CITEL manufactures two types of products: Gas Discharge Tubes (GDT) and Surge Protection Devices (SPD). For many years, CITEL has diversified its range to provide surge protection devices (modules) adapted to the increasing sensitivity of electronic equipment. By adding secondary components to gas tubes, CITEL has designed a full range of products to protect AC power systems, data/signal networks and high frequency equipment. CITEL provides transient protection for all applications within a customer's facility or remote site.

CITEL's major customers are found within the financial, educational, process chemical, agricultural, as well as government, military, telecommunications and commercial/industrial industries.

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